Homeopathic Consultations With Me Now Available Online

Do you need a homoeopathic Consultation quickly? An Acute symptom that could benefit from a homeopathic remedy or a homeopathic consultation to review your whole health picture? 

Both are now available to you as I am offering 30 minute acute sessions and a full 90 minute consultation on Skype. I will 'take your case' and ask you questions about your symptoms. Then I will suggest two or three homeopathic remedies which could be very helpful to you in supporting your body's response to the symptoms you have. 

OR are you a homeopathy student who would like a third party to talk something through with? As Principal of the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine, from 1998 - 2005, I managed and advised many students going through their four year training and I completed the degree in Homeopathy with the University of New England ( BHSc Homeopathy) . Discussionor 'supervision' for case work can be negotiated in terms of time and cost per hour. 

Contact me via the Contact Box, which you can find in the Navigation Bar

Jude Cresswell BHSc Homeopathy

Homeopathy Consultation and Supervision
Offering homeopathic consultation in Acute and Chronic illness to clients and supervision to homeopathy students and graduates seeking a third party to discuss their cases with. Experienced Homeopath, BHSc Homeopathy, Graduated 2005. Past Principal of Homeopathy College.
Homeopathy For Good Health
Homeopathy for good health tips and strategies for optimizing wellbeing with a simple everyday checklist.
Healthy Cells Make Healthy Humans
Healthy cells are our internal mini-factories. If these mini-engines are weak and struggling, so will you be.
Homeopathy Tissue Salts
Schuessler Tissue Salts are minerals and mineral salt combinations in homeopathic potency. Useful for supporting mineral requirements within the human body. Pleasant and easy to take.
Homeopathic Remedies Basics
Homeopathic remedies and naturopathic suggestions for your basic tool kit
Homeopathy As An Alternative Or Complementary Therapy
Using Homeopathy as an alternative or complementary therapy is not hard, and can work wonderfully well alongside normal modern medicine.
Homeopathic Remedies for Everyday First Aid
Homeopathic remedies for everyday first aid situations
Homeopathy 2
Homeopathy - History and Philosophy
Homeopathy for Indigestion
Homeopathic remedies work well for indigestion, stomach upsets and travel sickness.
Homeopthy For Heartburn
Homeopathic remedies for heartburn in pregnancy and at other times.
Homeopathy For Insomnia
Using homeopathy for Insomnia can be extremely effective, especially when combined with new tips and strategies for reprogramming sleep patterns.
Homeopathy For The Common Cold
Homeopathic remedies are very effective in the response and treatment of common cold symptoms, such as sore throats, runny nose, coughing and sneezing.
Homeopathy For Sore Throats
Homeopathic remedies work well for sore and scratchy throat symptoms or tonsilitis. Pain and inflammation can be resolved easily with well chosen homeopathic remedies.
Homeopathy For Coughs
You can use homeopathy for coughs alongside other medicines and cough syrups. Remedies are effective slowly but in the long term homeopathic remedies can reduce the severity of the cough and subsequent recurrence. Bryonia, Coccus cacti, Drosera, Hydrastis, Pulsatilla.
Homeopathy For Congestive Catarrh
Homeopathy is a good choice for the long term handling of congestive catarrh. It can diminish the consistency of the gummy fluid and the freqency of attacks, either of post nasal drips or full blown respiratory symptoms.
Homeopathy For Flu
Homeopathy for flu symptoms. Use with other medicines if necessary, homeopathic remedies can reduce the severity of symptoms and build your immunity. Gelsemium Eupertorium and Occillococcinum are the three most commonly prescribed remedies for flu symptoms.
Homeopathy For Haemmorhoids
Homeopathy can be so helpful in diminishing piles and varicose veins. Keep your vascular system in tip top condition with these simple homeopathic remedies.
Temperament and Winter Ailments
Temperament and winter ailments.
Homeopathy for Memory Problems
Use homeopathy for memory problems along with other naturopathic suggestions for increasing mental acuity
Homeopathy For Fear and Anxiety
Homeopathy is an effective mental health tool and can be used to treat fear and anxiety in children as well as extreme PTSD symptoms in adults.
Homeopathy For Children
Using Homeopathy for managing and strengthening childrens health is well known around the world .
Homeopathy For Colicky Babies
Homeopathy for colicky babies and diet tips for breastfeeding mums to eliminate a lot of the causes of colic.
Homeopathy For Fever
Homeopathy for fever, in children and adults, under all kinds of circumstances, has helped reduce the temperture and danger from febrile symptoms related to a variety of illnesses. Homeopathic potencies of Bryonia, Hepar Sulph and Aconite.
Homeopathy For Women's Health
Homeopathic remedies for women's health issues related to menstruation and menopause.
Homeopathy for Anaemia
Homeopathic remedies for improving symptoms of anaemia and associated fatigue.
Homeopathy For Cystitis and UTIs
Use homeopathy for treating Cystitis alongside other medicinal approaches. Remedies such as Cantharis and Equisetum
Homeopathy For Period Pains
Homeopathic remedies are effective in the treatment and reduction of pains experienced during the monthly bleed. Heavy blood loss and severe cramping are also discussed
Homeopathy For Pregnancy and Labour
Using homeopathic remedies during pregnancy and labour can be extremely helpful and effective as they are so gentle. From conception to post labour homeopathic and naturopathic strategies are a valuable extra set of tools in your first aid kit.
Homeopathy for Pregnancy Hair Skin and Nails
Pregnancy can wreak havoc with hair, skin and nails! Here are some homeopathic tips and naturopathic strategies.
Homeopathy for Breastfeeding
Homeopathic remedies to help with breastfeeding plus diet tips for reducing colic.
Homeopathy For Endometriosis
Homeopathic remedies can be very effective for supporting the treatment of endometriosis.
Homeopathy For Morning Sickness
Homeopathic remedies for morning sickness. Indications of remedies and naturopathic strategies for reducing the debilitating symptoms of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.
Homeopathy For The Tendency To Miscarry
Background information on tendency to miscarry. Constitutional treatment only is recommended. This page contains general information only.
Homeopathy For Mastitis
Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of mastitis and used alongside other naturopathic strategies to reduce symptoms and allow painfree milk flow
Homeopathy For Postnatal Depression
Postnatal Depression and Baby Blues can respond well to homeopathic remedies, alleviating the need for anti depressants in many cases.
Homeopathy For Men's Health
Use homeopathy for men's health issues including impotence, depression and mid life crisis.
Homeopathy For Senior Health
Aging offers us a new set of energy and health problems but homeopathy has many answers to continued good health, strong immunity, vibrant mental wellbeing, consistent energy and the possibility of a continued lively sex drive.
Homeopathy for Arthritis
Homeopathy for arthritis and diet tips for managing arthritis.
Contact Jude Cresswell
Contact me for additional help or questions about homeopathy.
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Homeopathic Tissue Cell Salts
The Tissue Salt or Cell Salt range from Scheussler has a wide variety of uses for every household, age and many types of weakness and illness. Low homeopathic potency and made in Germany these tissue salts can be found in any good health food shop or from a pharmacy
Glossary of 10 First Aid Homeopathic Remedies
These commonly used homeopathic remedies are useful for every first aid kit. Aconite. Arnica. Belladonna. Hepar Sulph, Nux Vomica
Homeopathic Remedies Starting with C
Glossary for a selection of homeopathic remedies beginning with the letter C, giving Mind and Physical Generals for each remedy
Homeopathic Remedies D-K
Glossary of homeopathic remedies from D to K, giving Mind and Physical Generals
Homeopathic Remedies K to M
Homeopathic Remedies from K to M including Mind and Physical Generals
Glossary of Homeopathic Remedies N to R
Homeopathic Remedies Glossary N to R including Mind and Physical General Symptoms
Glossary Homeopathic Remedies B
Homeopathic Remedies Beginning with B, including basic mind and physical general symptoms

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Chronic Disease Consultation  4 hours + 2 prescriptions US$250

Constitutional Consultation  4 hours + 4 prescriptions over two months US$ 350

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  1. Homeopathic Tissue Cell Salts

    The Tissue Salt or Cell Salt range from Scheussler has a wide variety of uses for every household, age and many types of weakness and illness. Low homeopathic potency and made in Germany these tissue…

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