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10 First Aid Remedies

Quick Reference to 10 Basic First Aid Remedies.

This is intended to be a very quick reference . If you want more information about a remedy go to the GLOSSARY page and find more there. 

Aconite 30c:   can be used at the first sign of fever or flu. Take  one single dose of Aconite if you feel the flu coming on, (see the FLU page for more details, including prophylaxis)  Do not use later in an illness as it  is only meant to be used at the first sign of distress.. It  can  also be used for fear, injury or shock where fear is present.

Arnica 30c: is the premier homeopathic First Aid  remedy for shock, injury , pain, hemorrhage , dentistry , or surgery. It is given every hour for relief of pain and every ten minutes for serious injury.  This remedy saves lives because of its ability to relief the symptoms of shock. With Arnica there is no fear. People appear, or say they are, "fine” even though they are in apparent shock. This is an indication for Arnica.

Arsenicum Alb 30c:  is used for food poisoning, to stop vomiting, diarrhea, fever, flu and colds, asthma, and sleeplessness It has a special affinity to times of night, where symptoms are  worse between midnight and 2am. It  is restless. It is a remedy for asthma attacks between 12am –2am. 

Bryonia 30c:  is the first remedy to consider for headache, coughs and colds. It is always worse for movement and prefers to be still, not confronted, not bothered , just left alone. It is  good for mastitis. It is a very thirsty remedy and it is because of this peculiar aspect to the remedy that we can differentiate it from other cold and flu remedies.

Belladonna 30c: is a remedy for headache, fever with delirium, flu, inflammation and boils, carbuncles, any time the skin is red, dry and taut. It can bring down a high fever, especially in children and relieves many skin and internal symptoms where inflammation is involved. It is always thirst less, a strong differentiating symptom.

Carbo Veg 30c: is used to relieve gas and stomach pain. It is also used for fainting  and collapse. This remedy can revive someone who is unconscious. It is an essential remedy for First Aid.

Ignatia 30c: is known as the grief remedy. It also works for sore throats and backaches, when ever structure breaks down . It can be used for death, fears of loss, and disappointed love.

Nux Vomica 30c:  is known as the hangover remedy. It fortifies the liver and helps relieve liver stagnation which can lead to constipation. It is used for excessive rich food, over use of alcohol or tobacco.It is for those who have a sedentary life style and don’t move enough to keep their livers active. 

Rhus Tox 30c:  is useful for  rheumatism, sore joints, pneumonia, colds and fever. It helps skin  rashes and other skin irritations . It is used often when people complain of stiff joints and sore backs.

Ruta Grav 30c: works on  tendons and ligaments. It is excellent for sore hands, sore and stiff back and sprains. When combined together with Rhus Tox 30c and Arnica 30c it can bring relief to painful parts of the body, especially the joints and sore backs.

Reference:  Dr Phatak and Dr Boericke

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