Glossary of Homeopathic Remedies beginning with B

Here is Page 2 of this Glossary of over 110 remedies. These are the B remedies including: 

  1. Baryta Carb
  2. Belladonna
  3. Bellis Perennis
  4. Berberis Vulgaris
  5. Borax
  6. Bryonia

1.Baryta Carbonicum:  Barium

 This remedy works on nutritional deficiency and swollen glands and helps the heart and nerves.


  • ·         young children with arrested development and old people whose life forces are diminished.
  • ·         weakness characterizes the remedy
  • ·         weak mind, fiber, bones and tendons.
  • ·         Can appear slow, inept and backwards and be bashful and timid,
  • ·         slow to comprehend, slow in acting, slow in movements.
  • ·         can feel inefficient, not worthy of what they want,
  • ·         very insecure at school or with mates.
  • ·         good remedy for bedwetting and regression in toilet training
  • ·         where there is a lack of confidence and feeling irresolute. 
  • ·         This remedy was used for mental retardation after serious illness, such as measles, typhoid mumps and scarlet fever.
  • ·         when organs are slow to mature.


  • The patient is very sensitive to cold, and susceptible to taking cold.
  • They suffer from enlarged glands, especially in the throat and physical weakness in general.

 General Symptoms: The patient is worse thinking of symptoms, worse for: cold, damp, and pressure. They are better for warm wraps, walking in open air, being alone.


 2.     Belladonna: Deadly Nightshade

This is a remedy with many uses. It is characterized by lack of thirst, heat and dryness.


  • ·         can experience violent mental symptoms,
  • ·         with a desire to kill in rage, and delirium when ill.
  • ·         can be lively and entertaining people who can become violent when sick
  • ·         delirious and difficult children who throw tantrums.
  • ·         can strike, bite, and pull hair
  • ·         can suffer from hallucinations with a fever.
  • ·         people who have illness from excitement, fear, grief, disappointed love, and anger.
  • ·         lives in a world of their own, sometimes seeing ghosts and having visions.
  • ·         have subjective visual impressions that frighten them; seeing monsters.
  • ·         an acuteness of all senses where everything is heightened.



  • ·         symptoms are acute, violent, and appearing suddenly
  • ·         they are oversensitive to all sensual impressions.
  • ·         parts of body are Red, Dry, and Very Hot
  • ·         high fever, with no thirst.
  • ·         a remedy for swollen skin parts, such as boils and styes
  • ·         works well for sunstroke and Scarlatina.
  • ·         parts throb such as the head or fingers.
  • ·         can have dilated shining pupils indicating a delirium in fever.

 General Symptoms: Patients are worse heat of sun, drafts on head, checked sweat, noise and jarring. They are better for rest in bed, a dark room, standing or sitting erect, and a warm room.

3. Bellis Perennis: Daisy flower

  This remedy is good for all injuries to soft tissues.  It is similar   to Arnica but specific to soft tissue injury or pain to soft tissue areas. It is excellent after surgery and dentistry.


·         resilient people, always bouncing back from disasters.



  • ·         bruised, sore, better for rubbing injured parts
  • ·         where there is deep trauma to the body
  • ·         especially useful after dentistry or invasive surgery to soft tissue.
  • ·         it helps heal all wounds quickly.
  • ·         good for people who have done hard physical labor and who are weary from travel
  • ·         helps in pregnancy for inability to walk from straining abdominal muscles, or when the baby kicks too hard and injures internal tissue.
  • ·         also useful for injury to the soft tissues of breasts.
  • ·         all symptoms are worse from weight and pressure.

 General Symptoms: Injuries where swelling remains is an indication for use. Think of this remedy where recent or remote effects of blows, falls, accidents or strain occur.


4. Berberis Vulgaris: Barberry plant

This remedy is a specific kidney tonic after assault, injury, sexual abuse, or great fear.


  • ·         symptoms are rapidly changing and alternating, shooting outwards, radiating from one point.
  • ·         used for all pains in kidneys and loins
  • ·         pains like boiling water, with gurgling, jarring, numbness, stiffness.
  • ·         remedy for weakness in the kidneys.
  • ·         anytime the adrenal cortex of kidneys has been drained of energy, through stress, chronic fatigue, auto-immune deficiency, or exhaustion
  • ·         it is used for absence of sexual pleasure, for dry vagina
  • ·         for back pains, with numbness, and difficulty rising with pain extending down the legs, extending to the pelvis
  • ·         it is good for stiffness in the lower back

 General Symptoms: Used for radiating pains, external numbness, twinges of pain. The patient is always worse for motion, jarring, stepping hard, rising from sitting. Fatigue.



5. Borax: Borate of sodium

 This remedy works on nutrition, skin, kidneys and bladder.


  • ·         patient experiences fear and aggravations which are worse for any downward motion such as, elevators, stairs, hills
  • ·         anxious children from sleep, crying, terrified, clinging without cause
  • ·         useful for nervous, anxious people who have fear of falling
  • ·         especially useful for easily frightened children



·         Infants with pale faces, who refuse to eat or who have little appetite.

·         Good for weight loss in babies.

·         Head symptoms are: Vertigo, impaired vision, flickering lights before the eyes. The patient suffers dry skin, which festers easily and won’t heal. There are mouth ulcers that won’t heal. The patient has congestion of nose, eyes that become sticky with hot mucous.

·          Female symptoms: Leucorrhoea, which is profuse and white; sore mucous tissues in the mouth, eyes, nose, anus and vagina.

·         For childbirth this remedy is used for ailments from breast feeding mothers and breast-feeding babies.


General Symptoms: The patient is worse from downward motion, sudden noises, nurslings, and children. Slightest injury suppurates.


  6.  Bryonia: Wild hops

 This remedy is used for problems of stagnation, circulation, and the liver. Excellent for headaches, joint aches and the abdomen.


  • ·         they are very irritable when ill and want to be left alone
  • ·         fears poverty.
  • ·         strong desire for security and support which they try to find in property and money
  • ·         good for people who are slow to change, who are methodical, censorious, reliable, economical and dry.
  • ·         constant money worries, constant distress and problems that take up their energy


  • ·         all their conditions are worse for movement
  • ·         suffers from ailments from being over-heated and they become slow and languid
  • ·         digestive problems from flatulent food and fruit
  • ·         excessive dryness of mucous membranes
  • ·         patient is thirsty, especially for cold water
  • ·         suffer from terrible headaches which come from indigestion and a weak liver
  • ·         can also have dry, painful coughs, chest colds with a cough
  • ·         suffer from lumbago in bed when they cannot turn from being so stiff

 General Symptoms: All movement makes symptoms worse.

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