Glossary of Remedies beginning with C

Page 3 of the Glossary of homeopathic remedies. On this page they begin with C. and include:

  1. Cactus Grandiflorus
  2. Calcium Carbonate
  3. Calcium Flouride
  4. Calcium Phosphate
  5. Calcium Sulphate
  6. Cantharis
  7. Capsicum
  8. carbo Animalis
  9. Carbo Vegetabilis
  10. Caullophyllum
  11. Caustocum
  12. Chamomille
  13. Chelidonium
  14. China
  15. Cimicifuga
  16. Coca
  17. Cocculus
  18. Coffea Cruda
  19. Colchicum
  20. Colocynthus
  21. Conium
  22. Cuprum

1.Cactus Grandiflorus    

This remedy works on the heart, circulation, chest and all constrictions the heart, It is a specific remedy for heart attack.


  • wakes frightened and suffers from sadness, melancholy, ill humored
  • can experience fear of death with great anxiety


  • ·         can have severe headaches with a sensation of weight on the vertex of the head
  • ·         can have congestive headaches where the head feels it’s in a vice
  • ·         profuse nose bleeds may occur as well as constriction in throat,
  • ·         or a feeling of a band around the chest.
  • ·         breathing is oppressed.
  • ·         heart constriction, with a sensation of an iron band gripping the chest.
  • ·         palpitations, with pains shooting down left arm, swelling of arms and legs and numbness of the left arm. 
  • ·         sleepless from a throbbing sensation in their body. 
  • ·         endrocarditis, with mitral insufficiency together with violent beating.
  • ·         to strengthen a heart weakened by tobacco, or arteriosclerosis.
  • ·         Angina Pectoris; with feelings of suffocation, cold sweat and tightness in the arms or chest.
  • ·         constrictions of the heart, with weak pulse, and painful stitching pains.
  • ·         low blood pressure

 General Symptoms:  The patient’s symptoms are worse lying on their left side. They may have suffered from disappointed love, sun, of feel worse after eating or fasting. They feel better for open air, sitting and rest.


2. Calcium Carbonate

This is a remedy needed by 90% of the population at some time in their healing process. It works on impaired nutrition and is a specific for glands, skin, bones and exhaustion due to overwork. It is also known to increase pituitary and thyroid function.


  • ·         can be apprehensive and dislike the attention of others focused on them.
  • ·         shy, timid, slow and often wanting protection.
  • ·         seek stability and like things in order.
  • ·         can help provide a sense of internal structure and give courage for living.
  • ·         many fears and anxieties, especially good for children.
  • ·         dislike being observed, and fear being judged,
  • ·         terrified of cruelty, and deeply affected by external traumas.
  • ·         fear of animals is marked, especially in children.
  • ·         loves to be touched.



  • ·         can be overweight and flabby; inclined to be bigger, especially children
  • ·         children have late closing of the fontanelles of the head and can be late walkers, talkers and slow in teeth development
  • ·         remedy for children who have large heads, hard stomach and enlarged glands.
  • ·         often very chilly, and worse in cold, damp weather.
  • ·         can be averse to physical activity and love sweets and eggs
  • ·         often, they perspire on the backs of their head and have a tendency to be constipated

General Symptoms: The patient is worse from cold, raw air, bathing, and change of weather. They do not do well with exertion, either mental or physical, dentition, puberty, or over stimulation or mental pressure. They are better in warm, dry weather.


3. Calcium Fluoride

This remedy, when used in low potency, works well for bone spurs and hard tumorous growths. In high potency works on delusions about glamour and what glitters.


  • ·         experiences fear of poverty
  • ·         love of material possessions
  • ·         love of luxury
  • ·         looking good to others
  • ·         can have great depression and groundless fears about money
  • ·         long for guidance and seek support


  •     excessively mobile, lacking co-ordination 
  • ·great laxity of the ligaments and muscles. 
  • ·remedy for gymnasts, dancers, ballet dancers and sportsmen
  • ·strain and over stretching of the ligaments.
  • ·chilly
  • ·indurations or hard, stony growths in the neck, muscles and tendons.
  • ·a remedy for breast growths and all swelling and hard nodes in connective tissue 
  • ·lumbago and pain in the small of the back
  • ·helpful for cramps in the calves at night ·
  • premature decay in teeth where enamel is discolored or deficient.

4. Calcium Phosphate

This is a remedy for bones, growth, tardy dentition, and anemia.


  • ·         forgetful, never satisfied with anything
  • ·         weak memory following grief.
  • ·         extremely restless, always wanting to go someplace
  • ·         experience loss of motivation due to lack of energy
  • ·         good for treatment after acute diseases and injury
  • ·         after disappointment, unhappy love and grief
  • ·         after too rapid growth.
  • ·         suffers from fear after hearing bad news
  • ·         stimulation or change brings back motivation temporarily but then the old symptoms return.



  • ·         swollen tonsils and has complaints during dentition
  • ·         teeth develop slowly and decay easily
  • ·         infant craves nursing and wants it all the time
  • ·         yet is intolerant of mother’s milk and vomits
  • ·         with colic and diarrhoea
  • ·         for children who vomit easily
  • ·         good for rapid growth in children, when long bones grow too fast, causing growing pains
  • ·         Females:  menses comes too early and can be excessive in young girls
  • ·         rheumatic pains from draughts, which produce a stiff neck.
  • ·         patient suffers soreness in the sacro- iliac joints
  • ·         feeling as if they were broken in two.
  • ·         helps headaches in students who are worse from mental activity
  • ·         assists with curvature of the spine.

·         General Symptoms: Sore chest, suffocative cough, better lying down. Stiffness and pain with a cold numb feeling, worse any change of weather.  Pains in joints and bones.

 5. Calcium Sulphate

 This remedy works on connective tissues, glands, bones and skin.

 Mind: Fear of birds.


  • ·         eczema and glandular swellings
  • ·         remedy for cystic tumors and fibroids
  • ·         works for wounds where pus formation has taken place and for abscesses
  • ·         there is a constant discharge of thick yellow pus
  • ·         boils, wounds, fistula, sinus, tonsillitis, otitis media, purulent diarrhoea, pneumonia, glandular swellings, and ulcers
  • ·         cases of suppuration, when the discharge continues for too long and when the skin won’t heal
  • ·         cold foul foot sweat which burn the soles of the feet


General Symptoms:  The patient is worse for getting wet and physical exertion. They suffer from heat flushes while eating.

6. Cantharis

 This remedy is specific for urinary tract infections with pain, bleeding and irritation. It can be used for blisters from hiking or poor shoe fit. It has a strong affinity to the sexual organs.


  • ·         can experience angry delirium
  • ·         feel: anxious and restlessness, ending in anger
  • ·         they can be very distressed, especially about coitus as if in an amorous frenzy, fiery sexual desire
  • ·         there can be raging, crying, barking, loss of consciousness


  • ·         can experience burning as if the brain held boiling water or the eyes burn as well as the skin on face burns.
  • ·         difficulty with swallowing, canker sores, a scalding feeling in mouth, or from actually burning their mouth on too hot food
  • ·         pleurisy, with frequent dry coughing.
  • ·         burning pains in the throat, burning pains in stomach and esophagus.
  • ·         burning thirst, with aversion to all fluids.
  • ·         vomiting with blood streaked membranes and violent retching
  • ·         burning urination
  • ·         Nephritis with bloody urine.
  • ·         cutting and burning in the whole kidney and bladder area.
  • ·         constant desire to urinate and scalding when passing urine.
  • ·         Males: painful erections.
  • ·         Females: retained placenta with painful urination.
  • ·         Females: also experience a strong sexual desire, with burning in the ovaries, back pain with strong desire to urinate.

 General Symptoms:  The patient is worse from touch, urinating, drinking cold water or coffee. They are better for rubbing and have a great oversensitivity in all parts of the body. Raw, burning pains characterize all aspects of this remedy.


 7.  Capsicum

 This remedy is good for people lacking vital warmth with little reactivity. It is also known as a remedy for homesickness. Physically there is a sense of constriction on all mucous membranes.


  • ·         peevish, irritable, suffering from homesickness with suicidal thoughts.
  • ·         want to be left alone. 
  • ·         have a “peppery disposition.”



  • ·         headaches
  • ·         has a hot face, red cheeks, though cold to the touch.
  • ·         swelling pains behind the ears, and inflammation of the mastoid bones.
  • ·         a good remedy for Otorrhoea in children and mastoid disease before pus formation.
  • ·         useful for sub-acute inflammation of the Eustachian tubes when they are in great pain. 
  • ·         remedy for sore throat in smokers and drinkers.
  • ·         has a fetid mouth odour
  • ·         can suffer from herpes labialis.
  • ·         intense craving for stimulants
  • ·         bloody mucus with burning and constriction of the rectum with bleeding piles.
  • ·         Male: coldness of the scrotum, with impotency, and atrophied testicles.
  • ·         Female: uterine hemorrhage near menopause and along with other menopausal symptoms. 


General Symptoms: Pus formation with every with every inflammation. Prostration and feeble digestion in alcoholics. Older people with exhausted vitality, especially by mental work and poor living.


8. Carbo Animalis: Animal Charcoal

This is a good remedy for old people, after a debilitating illness, they experience a weak constitution and low energy.


  • ·         strong desire for solitude.
  • ·         sad, reflective and want to avoid society.
  • ·         experience anxiety at night.



  • ·         Headaches so bad feels as if head blown to pieces.
  • ·         blue lips, and their hearing is confused.
  • ·         weak digestion with gas.
  • ·         remedy after food poisoning when the system is weak. 
  • ·         nausea in pregnancy
  • ·         exhaustion after menses.
  • ·         useful for Cancer of the uterus, with burning pains;
  • ·         Pleurisy, with ulceration of the lung, coughs with green sputum.
  • ·         acne rosacea and when the glands are hard and indurated, swollen and painful.


General Symptoms: Good for ulceration and decomposition. All secretions are offensive. All symptoms characterized by weakness. Helps to revive the system after illness.


 9. Carbo Vegetabilis: Vegetable Charcoal

 A major first aid remedy for fainting and collapse. The remedy is to be used after loss of fluids, from drugging, or after disease. It is good for old people with venous congestion, after states of collapse from cholera or typhoid


  • ·         aversion to being in the dark.
  • ·         loss of memory
  • ·         fear of ghosts.


  • ·         vertigo with nausea and tinnitis.
  • ·         hair can fall out and their scalp feel sore.
  • ·         face is puffy, cyanotic, pale, sweaty. 
  • ·         nose bleeds, bleeding after straining, blood oozing from the gums,
  • ·         stomach symptoms with distress coming on after eating.
  • ·         digestion is slow and food putrifies before it digests causing gas.
  • ·         foods distress them.
  • ·         distended abdomens
  • ·         burning of the anus,
  • ·         painful diarrhoea in old people.
  • ·         Male: discharge of prostatic fluid at stool.
  • ·         Female: premature and copious menses. 
  • ·         whooping cough and the voice failing on the least exertion.
  • ·         cough with burning in chest,
  • ·         limbs feel heavy and paralyzed.
  • ·         no muscular energy, only exhaustion.


General Symptoms: Blue skin from lack of oxygen. The patient is worse in the open air, in cold weather, and from eating fatty foods such as butter, coffee, and milk. They are better for being cold, and from fanning. This is a remedy is for states of collapse with utter exhaustion where the body is broken down.


 10. Caulophyllum: Blue Cohosh

 This is a remedy for women who suffer from nervous disorders, negativity and problems of the female organs. It is a useful remedy for bringing on labor in Childbirth.


  • ·         ailments from pregnancy, birth and lactation.
  • ·         nervous and excitable.
  • ·         weakened, hysterical and exhausted from labor.


  • ·         erratic labor pains, and sensations of drawing, cramping and shooting during pregnancy.
  • ·         ailments from pregnancy, parturition and lactation.
  • ·         convulsions during menses, labor that does not progress, or to brings labor on in last stages of pregnancy
  • ·         unbearable pains during labor due to a rigid os.
  • ·         when there has been habitual miscarriage.

.General Symptoms:  It is used for nausea and vomiting during menses and severe dysmenorrhoea.


11. Causticum:   Potash

 This is a remedy for those who give too much to others, and it is useful for incontinence, blisters and burns.


  • ·         ailments from grief and sorrows for the world.  
  • ·         Social injustices affect their emotions; they fight for a better world.
  • ·         remedy for the oppressed
  • ·         religious fanatics and social revolutionaries.
  • ·         immoveable ideas, and a weak memory, they feel as if they have forgotten something.
  • ·          worry about their relatives.
  • ·         weep with jealousy, with drunkenness, and from sympathy for others. 
  • ·         stammer from anger.


  • ·         burns, blisters, local paralysis.
  • ·         Burning pains as if flesh was raw, on scalp, throat, respiration, anus, vagina, etc.
  • ·         all burns on the skin
  • ·         feeling as if the muscles were too short
  • ·         a dry cough
  • ·         aversion to sex.
  • ·         constipation. 

General Symptoms: Shakes during dry weather, weakness from grief. There is a gradual paralysis on physical, emotional and mental levels, it starts with irritation and sets into body, mind and spirit.

12.  Chamomilla: German Chamomille

 This is a specific remedy for teething babies, and children and women who throw temper tantrums. It works well on very irritable people.


  • ·         angry, cross and uncivil.
  • ·         quarrelsome, vexed.
  • ·         oversensitivity in all pains.  
  • ·         The child wants to be carried and has an aversion to being spoken to.
  • ·         cry in their sleep, without waking.
  • ·         feel all emotions in their stomach.
  • ·         screams and yells and throws tantrums.


  • ·         hot perspiration on the scalp
  • ·         flickering before their eyes
  • ·         great thirst.
  • ·         For children who have difficult teething, often accompanied by diarrhoea
  • ·         remedy for asthma made worse by cold air.


General Symptoms: Change of position makes symptoms better. The patient loves to be carried or rocked.  A remedy for convulsions in children   after being punished.


 13. Chelidonium: Celandine

An excellent remedy for liver dysfunction and gallbladder troubles.


  • ·         no nonsense, down to earth, strong minded person.
  • ·         sure, they are ill and will not recover.
  • ·         not impressed by any authority.
  • ·         strong sense of morality
  • ·         do not get emotional.


  • ·         Complaints are right sided
  • ·         pains in the stomach, cramping in the stomach,
  • ·         pain in right hypochondrium
  • ·         pain in the liver. 
  • ·         desire very hot drinks and at times there is nausea and perspiration from the pains.
  • ·         liver pains going backwards, or up into scapula
  • ·         pains in the gallbladder.
  • ·         gallstones
  • ·         pain under right their shoulder blade. 
  • ·         Migraine headaches
  • ·         vomit bile.


General Symptoms: Pain is worse 4am or 4 pm, and better at noon after eating. There is an aversion or desire for cheese.


 14.  China: Chinchona Officinalis

 This is a remedy for highly sensitive, artistic people, with a strong sense of beauty. It is for those who suffer from digestive and circulatory problems, and from gas.


  • ·         expresses themselves only to good friends.
  • ·         aversion to superficial contact.
  • ·         only want deep, meaningful contacts and friendships.
  • ·         want the best of things.
  • ·         strong imagination, thinking of wonderful and imaginative things.
  • ·          external impressions leave a deep trace.
  • ·         intense inner life which can lead to exhaustion, where they become irritable, insulting and abusive.
  • ·         full of plans and ideas.
  • ·         In a negative phase feel unfortunate and that the world is hostile.
  • ·         apathy following a severe illness.



  • ·         ailments from loss of fluids, and heavy discharges including perspiration, vomiting, diarrhoea, lactation, and masturbation
  • ·         nervous and overly sensitive people who are worse the least touch, and susceptible to cold winds; even the least noise can irritate them
  • ·         distension of the belly, which is full of gas, with frequent burping.
  • ·         circulatory problems such as oedema, and hemorrhage
  • ·         gallstone colic
  • ·         headaches that are bursting with a red face and a throbbing head.
  • ·         perspire day and night.

 General Symptoms:  They only open themselves when they feel another is receptive and real. Their dislike of superficial contact makes them appear aloof and distant. They can have canine hunger at night and suffer from abuse of too much tea.

   15. Cimicifuga: Actea Racemosa

This is a woman’s remedy, used for suppressed menstruation, labor and emotions.


  • ·         loquacious, and jumps from one topic to another
  • ·         sad and gloomy, as if enveloped in a black cloud
  • ·         weeps for others and fears insanity, especially in menopause.
  • ·         post-natal depression, and feels she is imprisoned, and have fears and delusions about creatures.
  • ·         signs often, especially during menopause and menses
  • ·         confusion and hysteria before her period.



  • ·         chilly,
  • ·         weakness from nursing the sick
  • ·         ailments associated with menses and menopause,
  • ·         ailments and problems of the nape of the neck,
  • ·         nausea and vomiting caused by pressure on spine, pain in the hips, heaviness in her head, and aching in the thyroid are during her period.
  • ·         habitual miscarriage. They feel sore, bruised, and are sleepless
  • ·         rheumatic problems during menopause
  • ·         ailments during pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, shooting pains, sadness and nervousness.
  • ·         severe dysmenorrhoea with pains extending into legs
  • ·         labor when the delivery is slow due to a rigid os
  • ·         false labor pains when the patient is overly sensitive.


General Symptoms:  The Patient is worse from suppressed periods, labor, emotions, damp cold weather.  They feel better in warm wraps, in the open air, with pressure, gentle continuous motion, eating and rest.  During menopause to be used for chest pains in breast. The keynote symptom is depression with physical symptoms.


  16.  Cina:  Wormwood

 This is a remedy for children who are ill humored and suffer from worms. It is also used for digestive problems.


  • ·         touchy and difficult child, who is overly excited, weak, screaming and hitting, cross and unpleasant.
  • ·         constantly ill humored, doesn’t want to be touched, caressed or looked at
  • ·         screams at night, grinds its teeth, and can only lie on its belly
  • ·         chews and swallows in its sleep.
  • ·         refuses anything that is given to him and will throw it away and will try to hit you.



  • ·         remedy for worms, with canine hunger after eating or vomiting.
  • ·         Ailments from nursing children who refuse breast milk or are allergic to milk.
  • ·         Epilepsy where child awakes and screams without apparent cause and cannot be consoled.
  • ·         stiffens up before coughing, rubs and bores its nose and complains of stomach ache.
  • ·         has blue rings under their eyes.


General Symptoms: Convulsions during dentition, from worms, during heat and when shuddering. Convulsions during drinking, while swallowing.


 17.  Coca

This remedy works on the nerves. It is especially good for altitude sickness and substance abusers who used this drug. A remedy for sleeplessness at altitude.


  • ·         remedy for shy and bashful people who chose to be withdrawn from the world, and who love solitude.
  • ·         fear heights and fear falling.
  • ·         feel isolated
  • ·         experienced substance abuse of cocaine and who hold that energy in their field.



  • ·         Vertigo: The patient is worse ascending stairs,
  • ·         head pains at altitude and sleeplessness at altitude, feeling very spaced out.
  • ·         remedy for coughing in athletes and old people.

 General Symptoms: Sensation of a worm under their skin.

18.  Cocculus: Indian Cockle

 This remedy affects the senses. It is used for motions sickness, anxiety and nausea.


  • ·         aversion to being disturbed and becomes angry at interruption says he needs time to answer and respond.
  • ·         remedy for ailments from a combination of physical and mental stress, such as nursing the sick, loss of sleep, anxiety about the health of others
  • ·         ailments from cares and worries plus physical exertion
  • ·         sensation as if time passes too slowly
  • ·         sensitive to all external impressions which affect them greatly.



  • ·         travel sickness, car sickness, sea sickness.
  • ·         over-sensitivity to all senses, such as worse for noise, odours, excitement, and cold.
  • ·         aversion to food, with nausea at the sight of food.
  • ·         morning sickness
  • ·         extreme weakness during and after menses, where the patient can scarcely speak or stand
  • ·         profuse salivation and thirst,
  • ·         numbness of the hands when grasping something,
  • ·         trembling hands
  • ·         sensation of a stone in their bellies.

 General Symptoms: A sense of faintness, pain in the belly, loss of sleep, trembling from emotions after the slightest emotions, or from noise, pains or being touched.


  19.  Coffea Cruda: Unroasted coffee

 This is a remedy for severe pain, excessive emotions, including joy. It is used in childbirth to relieve pain of labor.


  • ·         ailments from anger, excitement, fright, excessive joy and happy surprises.
  • ·         remedy for disappointed love where the emotions run high
  • ·         mind gets overstimulated and thoughts wander, ideas gush out
  • ·         answers incoherently. 
  • ·         overly active minds
  • ·         theorizes, and is often sleepless. 
  • ·         Despair from physical pain



  • ·         over-sensitive to pain. All senses are acutely heightened.
  • ·         eyes dilated and shining;
  • ·         marked redness to both cheeks
  • ·         very loquacious, with an active memory and exulted feelings. 
  • ·         In childbirth when the mother is sleepless after delivery.
  • ·         pain remedy for childbirth and also for toothache.
  • ·         menopause with overexcitability, sleeplessness and palpitations.


General Symptom:  Aversion to open air, all symptoms get worse. A remedy for joy with weeping, sleeplessness, congestion in head, inflammation in uterus, asthma, and palpitations.


 20.  Colchicum: Meadow Saffron

A remedy that affects the mind and body, working on muscles, joints and gout.


  • ·         Ailments from study and night watching the sick.
  • ·         sensitive people with little protection from external reality.
  • ·         Ailments from the rudeness of people.
  • ·         Gouty people who are irritable and unpleasant.
  • ·         forgetful, dull and has a weak memory.



·         remedy for gout,

  • ·         pain in heal and inflammation of big toe
  • ·         cannot bear to be touched or to move affected area
  • ·         swelling of legs and feet
  • ·         aching in lumbar area, lower backache, better for rest and pressure.
  • ·         headache remedy for frontal and temporal pain.
  • ·         smell of food creates nausea and fainting, with vomiting of mucus and bile.
  • ·         distension of the stomach with gas,
  • ·         unable to stretch out their legs from gas.
  • ·         Liver ailments
  • ·         rheumatism.


General Symptoms: Great prostration. Tearing pains in warm weather, stinging pains in cold weather. Pins and needles in hands and fingers. Pains worse in the evening and warm weather.

21.  Colocynthis: Bitter Cucumber

 A remedy for trigeminal neuralgia, sciatic pains, digestive ailments and disturbed emotions.


  • ·         pent up emotions, especially anger.
  • ·         Anger with silent grief which lead to physical complaints, especially cramps.
  • ·         restless with pain and do not like others to know they are suffering. 
  • ·         Emotions are expressed with physical pain.



  1. ·         better doubled over with hard pressure on abdomen.
  2. ·         Violent cramps making them twist and cry out in pain.
  3. ·         cutting, pinching, gnawing, clutching and boring pains with nausea
  4. ·         abdominal colic from anger, indigestion and diarrhea,  
  5. ·         sciatica   which is worse from motion;
  6. ·         digestive problems after eating unripe fruit;
  7. ·         constipation from the abuse of medication.

 General Symptom: Always worse from anger and indignation. This is an acute remedy for very painful conditions.


22.  Conium: Poison Hemlock.

 This is a remedy for paralysis, known since Plato described it’s use in the death of Socrates. It is good for trembling, difficulty walking, and loss of strength. A remedy for weakness of all sorts. It is a cancer remedy for hard tumor formation in breast and other parts of body.


  • ·         timid, shy, and wants to be left alone
  • ·         little desire to study or work, or very little interest in life
  • ·         weakened memory, and mental depression.
  • ·         paralysis is gradual and goes unnoticed
  • ·         becomes more introverted and won’t discuss symptoms “There is a lack of emotional range, leading to a lack of emotional expression.” 
  • ·         more emotional suffering in past then in present.
  • ·         Gradual shutting down resulting in isolation and aversion to company
  • ·         ritualistic and compulsive behavior, especially about diet and health issues
  • ·         lack of anxiety when faced with an uncertain future.
  • ·         In Conium often the patient had a wild past with a gradual calming down 
  • ·         lack of sexual desire and great attachment to the material world that changes into indifference.
  • ·         cares for little.
  • ·         Grief ends in paralysis or imbecility.



·         sexual suppression: from loss of a partner, fear of AIDs, sickness of partner, fixed ideas about sex, or spiritual reasons.

  • ·         Premature ageing.
  • ·         glandular problems, leading to cancer. 
  • ·         Female: Menopausal problems, dizziness, perspiration which prevent sleep.
  • ·         Male: Prostatitis, weak erections, or erections fail.
  • ·         Coughing, constantly at night, dryness.
  • ·         good for hard tumor formations.


General Symptoms: A remedy for injuries to soft tissue. The patient suffers weakness, both physically and mentally.


 23.  Cuprum: Copper

 This is a remedy for spasms, cramps, and congestion. It is good for mental as well as physical problems.


  • ·         remedy for serious people, who are cramped emotionally in their lives or in their work.
  • ·         Good for adolescence who are worried about how they will be accepted in the world
  • ·         very self-critical people, afraid of their emotions or negative thoughts.
  • ·         remedy when the expression of love comes out in a cramped way.
  • ·         used in children with behavioral problems: who are destructive, hitting, biting and spitting; who can hold their breath until they are blue in the face. 
  • ·         remedy for dictatorial people, who avoid company or even the sight of people.
  • ·         has a presentiment of death.



  • ·         convulsions, spasms, cramps, twitching and jerking.
  • ·         Convulsions start in the fingers and toes, from the periphery inwards. 
  • ·         Spasmodic asthma with nausea and vomiting,
  • ·         cough and respiratory problems where breath can cease altogether.


General Symptoms: Convulsions from becoming wet, or from loss of sleep.  Shaking and vertigo accompany symptoms.



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