Glossary of Homeopathic Remedies from D to K

Homeopathic Remedies from D to K

 22.  Dioscorea: Wild Yam

 This is a remedy for pain, especially suited for colic in children and severe abdominal pains in adults.


  • ·         Aversion to certain people, with written and spoken mistakes.
  • ·         calls things by their wrong name, and uses wrong words in a sentence
  • ·         acute restlessness.



  • ·         remedy for the weak, old or young, with poor digestive abilities.
  • ·         pains radiate to distant parts of their body and are unbearably sharp, cutting, twisting, griping and grinding
  • ·         paroxysmal pains
  • ·         colic pains where baby has to stretch or bend backwards, or forwards to relieve pain.
  • ·         cutting pains as well as. sciatica shooting down the thighs.
  • ·         remedy for gallstone colic with radiating pains
  • ·         severe gastric distress and cramping pains extending along the sternum into both arms.
  • ·         renal colic.

 General Symptoms:  Burping makes all the pains better. Pains are worse for tea.


 23.  Drosera Sundew

 This remedy is a first-rate cough remedy, good for colds, flu and whooping cough.


  • ·remedy for peevish children, who are anxious and mistrustful of others
  • ·great restlessness and difficulty with concentration. 
  • ·full of mistrust,
  • ·anxious that he is being deceived
  • ·anxious about being alone
  • ·fear of ghosts.
  • ·Obstinacy is a marked characteristic of this remedy.

  • Physical:
  • ·         remedy for growing pains in children.
  • ·         scar tissue remedy.
  • ·         pains in the joints, hips, shoulders and ankles.
  • ·         Stiffness and inflexibility of the ankle
  • ·         remedy for asthma and violent spasmodic cough.


General Symptoms: Coughing is worse after midnight. The throat closes off during a cough. The face can go blue from coughing.

   24.  Eupatorium Perfoliatum: Thoroughwort

 An excellent remedy for aches and pains of flu.


  • ·         Miserable from suffering with flu.
  • ·         Moaning with discomfort.


  • ·         Heaviness in the head, can’t raise his head off the pillow, must use hands.
  • ·         Pains in bed in morning, with nausea, during fever.
  • ·         Vomits, with chills and perspiration. 
  • ·         Pains in chest from coughing, holds his hands to his chest.
  • ·         Pains in the back,
  • ·         pains from flu,
  • ·         growing pains in legs,
  • ·         feelings as if bones were broken.
  • ·         Trembling during fever.


General Symptoms: Fever changes frequently. The patient is very thirsty, desiring cold drinks and ice cream. Chill begins in small of back.


 25.  Euphrasia: Eyebright

 A specific remedy for ailments of the eye and mucous membranes.


·         None


  • ·         Discharge of pus or acrid mucus from the eyes, which is thick and yellow
  • ·         Itching, tearing, wounds to cornea, pain in the eyes.
  • ·         Photophobia,
  • ·         redness in eyes after injury.
  • ·         swollen eye lids, thickening of the lids, ulceration of the cornea, dim vision,
  • worse after measles,
  • ·         discharge from the nose with cough and expectoration,
  • ·         sneezing with hay fever.


General Symptoms: Smoke aggravates all symptoms. Vision worse in dim light


 26.  Ferrum Metallicum: Iron

 A remedy for young, weak people, who are anemic, and oversensitive, with all symptoms worse after any effort. Weakness characterises all symptoms. This is a remedy for times of change, from childhood to puberty, beginning of menses, and the onset of menopause.



  • ·         great irritability   from even the slightest noise.
  • ·         act abusive and insulting.
  • ·         remedy for the sanguine temperament, where the patient flits about from one subject to the other.
  • ·         weep and laugh at the same time.
  • ·         overly excited by trivial things
  • ·         changeable moods
  • ·         desires to be alone, avoids company, and are worse from conversations. 
  • ·         Motion aggravates their symptoms, they only want to sit or stay in bed, but pains force them to move.
  • ·         great restlessness with pain.



  • ·         face becomes flushed from the least excitement or exertion.
  • ·         hammering headache, worse for eating or drinking,
  • ·         diarrhea during and immediately after eating, nightly diarrhea around 12am, which is painless. 
  • ·         vomiting after 12am, without preceding nausea as well as incontinence of urine during the day.


General Symptoms: Aversion and aggravation from eggs, wants tomatoes and fat, which aggravates.  Varicose veins during pregnancy as well as prolapsed vagina during pregnancy


27.  Gelsemium: Jasmine

  A remedy for first aid and flu in which all symptoms are worse from anticipation and emotion.


  • ·         anticipatory anxiety, great apprehension, timidity, and dread of ordeals such as stage fright and exam funk.
  • ·         worse in new situations, or unusual acts.
  • ·         lack will power, both mental and physical, it is as if both muscles and the desire for co-ordination do not obey.
  • ·         weakness at the mental, emotional and physical levels
  • ·         fear of losing control,
  • ·         fear of falling.
  • ·         desire to be quiet
  • ·         dislike being disturbed.



  • ·         Acute ailments with slow onset
  • ·         mental weakness and trembling
  • ·         trembling during labor,
  • ·         diarrhea from anticipation,
  • ·         people who have never been well since the flu with weakness, drowsiness and trembling.
  • ·         heavy, droopy eyelids, during the flu they cannot keep their eyes open.
  • ·         trembling knees going downhill or downstairs.
  • ·         miscarriage due to emotions, fright, or from influenza.

  General Symptoms:

  • ·         All conditions are worse in hot, sultry weather, summer heat and before thunderstorms. 
  • ·         no thirst during heat
  • ·         head congestion during heat and can feel dull minded.
  • ·         Copious urine makes it easier to think.
  • ·         convulsions before thunderstorms, with faintness and fright after.
  • ·         Lassitude in spring,
  • ·         weakness in summer, from sun’s heat.


    28. Graphites: Black lead

This is a remedy for skin conditions and lack of ability to assimilate nutrients.


  • ·         irresolute and timid
  • ·         pronounced, lack of confidence and full of doubts.
  • ·         abstraction is faulty,
  • ·         thinking unclear.
  • ·         incapacity to plan and analyze
  • ·         anticipates problems which lead to anxiety
  • ·         over -excitability with sadness and despair
  • ·         upset over trifles.
  • ·         weep when expressing their feelings and have to vent.
  • ·         compulsive about trifles.



  • ·         obese or emaciated 
  • ·         lumpy, hard, thick skin, glands, eyelids, nails, or scars. 
  • ·         cracks and fissures in their skin of hands, eyes, nostrils, mouth, nipples, or anus.
  • ·         offensive foot sweat, with the soles of their feet raw from sweat.
  • ·         chronic constipation, where their stools are hard with mucus.
  • ·         Female: dryness of the vagina, with pain in the uterus.
  • ·         asthmatic, where eating ameliorates their symptoms.

 General Symptoms:  Lassitude and trembling during menses.


29. Hamamelis Virginica: Witch Hazel

 A major remedy for congestion, hemorrhages, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.  It is excellent for open, painful wounds and for weakness from loss of blood.  A useful remedy for after operations.



  • ·         numbness over the frontal bones of the head.
  • ·         wants respect from others.



  • ·         hemorrhages.
  • ·         soreness to all parts of the body,
  • ·         sore pain,
  • ·         distension of veins,
  • ·         varicose veins
  • ·         hemorrhoids.
  • ·         hemorrhages from injury
  • ·         nose bleeds from a blow to the face,
  • ·         long lasting bleeding from tooth extraction;
  • ·         internal bleeding of any kind.
  • ·         PHLEBITIS,
  • ·         varicose veins in the lower extremities
  • ·         black eye and injury to the eyes,
  • ·         varicose veins during pregnancy,
  • ·         injury to the testicles,
  • ·         hemorrhages from piles.


General Symptoms:  Colds from exposure to warm, moist weather.


 30.  Hepar Suphuricum: Calcium Sulphate

 A remedy for skin eruptions, glandular swellings, and mental anguish.  It is suited to chilly people, with hypersensitivity and splinter like pains. The patient is worse for draughts.



  • ·         anguish at night, thinks of suicide, all things   irritates
  • ·         violence from pains,
  • ·         wanting to kill for the slightest offense
  • ·         threatening and angry
  • ·         dejected and sad
  • ·         speak rapidly.
  • ·         vulnerable on all levels,
  • ·         feeling very insecure with a great need to be protected.
  • ·         solace in money, security, position and comfort. 
  • ·         sensitive to emotional stress, and deeply affected by sad stories. 
  • ·         Delusion: the world is on fire.
  • ·         hurry while eating, drinking and talking.



  • ·         stitching and stabbing pains,
  • ·         scalp is sensitive and sore,
  • ·         boring pains in the temple on waking every morning.
  • ·         ulceration of the cornea, and purulent conjunctivitis, with profuse discharge where the eyes and lids are inflamed, and the eyeballs are sore to the touch.
  • ·         discharges of pus from the ear,
  • ·         whizzing and throbbing in the ears, and hardness of hearing.
  • ·         deafness from scarlet fever.
  • ·         ulceration of the nose with sneezing in cold drafts.
  • ·         hay fever.
  • ·         bleeding gums and Quinsy with pus formation in throat.
  • ·         burning in the stomach
  • ·         loss of power to expel stool. 
  • ·         Male: herpes, which is sensitive and bleeds easily, ulcer of the gland; obstinate gonorrhea.
  • ·         Female: discharge of blood from uterus; abscess of the labia with great sensitivity; profuse perspiration at menopause. 
  • ·         loss of voice from colds, hoarseness, and troublesome coughs
  • ·         anxious, wheezing, asthma, worse from dry, cold air,
  • ·         abscess on the skin, acne in youth.
  • ·         unhealthy skin where every injury suppurates: think of using for chapped skin, ulcers, cold sores.

 General Symptoms: Worse in dry, cold winds, slightest draughts irritate. To be used for heavy perspiration during a fever. The patient is better wrapping their head up in a hat or cloth, from warmth, and eating.



 31.  Hydrastis: Golden Seal

An important remedy for drainage, especially useful after surgery and for cancer treatment. Used for Goitre, Smallpox, and digestive problems.

 Mind: The patient feels depressed and feels they will die or desire to die.


  • ·         degenerative conditions, with weakness and emaciation.
  • ·         Cancer of skin, breasts, cervix, uterus, and liver;
  • ·         liver problems from alcohol abuse. 
  • ·         chronic catarrhal problems with thick, yellow discharges from nose, throat, lungs, GI tract, and vagina,
  • ·         purulent sinusitis, especially post nasal drip and headache. There is often a large quantity of mucus.
  • ·         digestion is slow and sluggish.
  • ·         constipation with no urging to stool. To be used for constipation of children and old people,
  • ·         goitre during puberty and pregnancy.


General Symptoms: Intolerance of bread or vegetables.


32.  Hyoscyamus: Henbane

A remedy for mental and nervous disorders.


  • ·         jealous and suspicion,
  • ·         delusions that they will be poisoned, murdered, are being watched or will be injured.  
  • ·         feel that others are deceiving him, cheating him or trying to trick him.
  • ·         delusion that their partner is unfaithful,
  • ·         obsessively trying to control all things around them
  • ·         feel that others are favored, and they are not. 
  • ·         Feels they are an outsider
  • ·         silent for hours, sitting and staring off into space
  • ·         talking with great loquacity, mocking, slandering and maligning others.
  • ·         violent outbursts from disappointed love
  • ·         wants to kill those who create their pain.
  • ·         strong sexual element of exhibitionism, playing openly with their genitals, lewd talk
  • ·         very defiant.
  • ·          children who use foul language and laugh foolishly or feel very shameful and have a strong aversion to exposing themselves by taking their clothes off. 



  • ·         fumbles with their hands or wants to wring them constantly
  • ·         worse being touched
  • ·         early and frequent masturbation in children
  • ·         epilepsy, preceded by ringing in the ears, restlessness or vertigo.
  • ·         sleeplessness of irritable, excited people, with spasms, twitching, and jerking,
  • ·         involuntary stool or urination after excitement.


General Symptoms:  The patient can experience a ravenous appetite before a seizure, catalepsy from jealousy. All convulsions begin in the face during grief.


33.  Hypericum:  St. John’s Wort

 A remedy for injury to the spine, and nerve endings, such as fingers and toes.



  • ·         feels lifted in the air,
  • ·         anxiety with fear of falling.
  • ·         mistakes in writing.
  • ·         EFFECTS OF SHOCK and INJURY.



  • ·         all injuries to all parts rich in nerve endings, especially fingers, toes, nails, and coccyx.
  • ·         injuries to head or spine,
  • ·         penetrating wounds, especially to palms or soles, where the patient feels pain shooting up the nerve.
  • ·         lockjaw and tetanus after a penetrating wound.
  • ·         shooting, lancinating pains along the nerves which have a sensation of crawling or numbness. 
  • ·         convulsions after head injuries,
  • ·         nervous depression following wounds, or surgery,
  • ·         painful abscesses and boils, with no discharge of pus,
  • ·         asthma after a spinal injury.

.General Symptoms:   A major healing remedy for all injuries.


 34.  Ignatia: St. Ignatius Bean

 A major remedy for GRIEF.  To be used when structure breaks down, emotionally or physically.  Excellent for back injury, sore throat from grief.


  • ·         ailments due to silent grief, bad news, disappointed love,
  • ·         disappointments of all sorts, fright, reproaches and SHAME.
  • ·         has high ideals and expectations, with a strong drive to make them true, and expects others to be perfect.
  • ·         strong sense of duty and are may be very competent women in the men’s world.
  • ·         inner conflicts that they have neglected their duty, have done wrong, or committed a crime.
  • ·         self-reproach.
  • ·         After a grief or disappointment ailments from contradictions: wants one thing but chooses another.
  • ·         emotional outbursts which are too quickly controlled, with short sobs, a few tears, swallowing often to hide their feelings
  • ·         eat away their stress with sinking feeling in pit of stomach relieved with food.



  • ·         strong loathing of tobacco smoke.
  • ·         sensation of a lump in their throat
  • ·         backaches when the structure of their life breaks down after a loss, shock or disappointment.
  • ·         nervous twitch or a dry, constant cough as if from dust in their throat. 


General Symptoms: The patient can experience pains in small spots. They can have an aversion to open air and be better by a warm stove. They may be better for physical exertion, such as running or walking fast.


 35.  Iodum: Iodine

 This is a remedy for atrophied glands, emaciation, and breakdown of one’s general health. Iodine arouses the natural defenses and reanimates the immunity.


  • ·         anxiety when quiet.
  • ·         very forgetful and disorganized but must stay busy.
  • ·         fear of people and prefer to shun society.
  • ·         suicidal tendencies and frightful thoughts when they are still.
  • ·         strong impulse to kill or do violence so they prefer to be busy and keep in constant motion until they are exhausted.
  • ·         intolerable restlessness and can be very discontented.



  • ·         weakness which is worse from hunger,
  • ·         swollen glands followed by atrophy of the thyroid, ovaries, breasts, uterus, prostate, lymph, or tonsils.
  • ·         constricting sensations, bone pains, constipation,
  • ·         croup caused by damp weather,
  • ·         an external goiter which is painful.

 General Symptoms:   A remedy for lead poisoning and swollen testicles.  

36.  Ipecacuanha: Ipecac Root

 A remedy for nausea, vomiting and pain. An anti-hemorrhagic remedy which may stop bleeding



  • ·         difficult to please.
  • ·         irritable and hold everything in contempt.
  • ·         longing for things they don’t know.


  • ·         ailments of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract accompanied with nausea.
  • ·         Respiratory ailments with nausea, such as asthma with nausea.
  • ·         uterine hemorrhage, with bright red blood, accompanied with nausea. 
  • ·         convulsions from indigestion, bronchitis or asthma with suffocative cough with retching and vomiting.
  • ·         dysentery and nausea and vomiting in pregnancy


General Symptoms: Summer heat, aggravates, with nausea and faintness in warm rooms. 


37.  Iris Versicolor: Blue Flag

 This is a remedy for headache and indigestion.  It increases the flow of bile.


·         delicate and nervous people.



  • ·         bilious, with sour or acrid vomiting,
  • ·         burning feelings which accompany a headache.
  • ·         headache with visual disturbances.
  • ·         migraine headache with vomiting
  • ·         copious urination after a headache.
  • ·         flow of saliva from the mouth is thick, profuse and drips.


General Symptoms: People who get overly tired, who when they are rundown, feel a headache coming on. This is usually accompanied with nausea, vomiting and eye disturbances. They may develop pain in the pancreas and be sensitive to sugar, which they indulge in when they are tired.  Then they develop this typical Iris headache.


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