Glossary of Homeopathic Remedies K to M

22.  Kali Bichromicum:  Bichromate of Potash

 A remedy for pain, congestion, and digestion  


  • ·         very consistent and follows the rules.
  • ·         narrow minded with an aversion to trouble. 
  • ·         self-occupied and who likes to be with his family.



  • ·         thick, stringy, yellow and white discharges.
  • ·         colds with congested mucus.  
  • ·         pains which shoot rapidly from one part of the body to another such as wandering rheumatism which appears every day at the same hour.
  • ·         migraine, with pains in small spots, preceded by visual disturbances, and blurred vision and blindness.
  • ·         SINUSITIS with pressure and fullness at the root of the nose, and stringy yellow discharge when acute;
  • ·         colds which extend into the sinuses.
  • ·         rheumatic disturbances alternating with digestive disorders.

General Symptoms: Diarrhoea with warm weather, skin eruptions in summer.


 23.  Kali CarbonicumCarbonate of Potassium*

This is a remedy for backaches, headaches, and mental conditions.


  • ·         mind rules their emotions.
  • ·         conservative, regular, proper, down to earth
  • ·         strong emphasis on morality.
  • ·         fear losing control. 
  • ·         dogmatic with a strong sense of duty.
  • ·         emotions in the stomach; fear and fright are impressed into the Solar Plexus
  • ·         make life difficult for those around them who have a will of their own. 
  • ·         During menses women can experience emotional instability, with strong mood swings.


  • ·         craves sweets.
  • ·         flatulence
  • ·         stitching pains in the liver region. 
  • ·         perspire easily with little exertion.
  • ·         backache in the lumbar region, worse from childbirth and abortion. 
  • ·         emotions affect the small of the back and their pains originate in the lower back.
  • ·         swollen upper eyelids,
  • ·         cough, with breathing difficulties, worse between 2-4am,
  • ·         recurrent colic.
  • ·         For childbirth it appears that labor is delayed because of violent backache, and there is a sensation as if the heart were suspended.
  • ·         palpitations and burning in the heart region.
  • ·         weak, rapid pulse, due to digestive disturbances.

General Symptoms: Soft pulse, coldness, general depression, and stitching pains felt in all parts of the body. All pains are sharp and cutting. Sensitive to any atmospheric change.



24.  Kali Muriaticum: Potassium Chloride

 This is a remedy for excess catarrh, sub-acute inflammations, and glandular swelling.


  • ·         Exhausted,
  • ·         tired of taking care of others.
  • ·         done too much mothering of others
  • ·         feels deprived of attention and affection.



  • ·         Sticky, white, thick secretions from ears, nose, base of tongue, leucorrhoea, expectoration, and from lumps on tonsils.
  • ·         tough, fibrinous discharges, indurations and hard swellings. 
  • ·         epilepsy, especially if occurs with or after suppression of eczema or other eruptions.
  • ·         coughs which affect the eyes, as if the eyes were protruding from the head,
  • ·         skin eruptions after vaccination, especially eczema or other skin diseases,
  • ·         deafness from swelling of the Eustachian tubes, and swollen glands, glue ear,
  • ·         tonsillitis when patient can only swallow by twisting his neck,
  • ·         Asthma with gastric symptoms.
  • ·         Rheumatic fever with swelling around the joints,
  • ·         nightly rheumatic pains worse from the warmth of the bed,
  • ·         Bursitis.

 General Symptoms: A remedy for loss of voice, and inflamed tonsils. Canker sores in the mouth respond to this remedy.

25.  Kali Phosphoricum; Phosphate of Potassium

 A remedy for exhaustion, nervous disorders, weakness and fatigue, a dynamic decay.


  • ·         excitement, overwork and worry.
  • ·         anxiety, nervous dread, exhaustion, and fatigue.
  • ·         indisposed to meet people;
  • ·         extreme lassitude and depressed feelings
  • ·         nervous people who startle easily,
  • ·         brain fag from overwork and study,  
  • ·         memory loss
  • ·         despair about business.
  • ·         shy and disinclined to talk and socialize.



  • ·         lack of nervous energy, mental and physical depression.
  • ·         suspected malignant tumors.
  • ·         After removal of cancer when in healing the skin becomes tight over the wound.
  • ·         delayed labor in childbirth
  • ·         long, difficult labor, to keep up the mother’s energy
  • ·         headache, with a weary, empty feeling;
  • ·         spongy and receding gums. 
  • ·         Male: sexual power diminished.
  • ·         Female: desire increased after menses. 
  • ·         Tendency to perspiration, after meals, from excitement.
  • ·         Body odour smells like onions.
  • ·         cannot keep their feet still.
  • ·         weakness and pain centered on 7th cervical vertebrae.

 General Symptoms: Better for gentle motion. Weakness from pain.


26.  Kali Sulphuricum: Potassium Sulphate

 A remedy for profuse yellow discharges, complaints of cold hands and feet.


  • ·         lazy and indolent, worse in warm weather, warm room,
  • ·         always complaining about being tired.
  • ·         desire open air and are impatient,
  • ·         worse for any form of consolation.
  • ·         self-absorbed, and worried about themselves.
  • ·         feel sorry for themselves.



  • ·         profuse yellow discharges
  • ·         wandering arthritic pains.
  • ·         cold hands and feet.  Sulphur warms the blood and raises body temperature.


General Symptoms: Warm blooded people who cannot stand warm rooms or other forms of heat. There is profuse perspiration, great thirst with a strong craving for sweets. Coarse, dry, itchy skin.



 27. Kreosotum: Beechwood Kreosote

 This is a remedy for anxiety, female difficulties, cancer and also treats bedwetting in children.


  • ·         fears: of sex, rape, interactions with people.  
  • ·         In children we see a picture of irritability, they want everything but throw everything away when given.



·         Female:

  • problems with menstruation:
  • the patient becomes overly excited, restless, has headaches, impaired hearing, experiences vomiting, abdominal pains, diarrhoea, 
  • itching of vulva and labia, and constant chills. 
  •  Acrid burning of labia with inflammation so intense it creates rawness and swelling. 
  •  Other symptoms include:  corrosive, hot, foul discharges. Cancer where there is burning and rawness, malignant tumors.

·         Male: who grow too fast,

  • children who are too tall for their age,
  • problems with dentition,
  • where the gums are painful, swollen and teeth decay easily.
  • ·         bedwetting where it is difficult to wake the child.

 General Symptoms: Wounds bleed freely.


28.  Lac Caninum: Dog Milk

 This is a   remedy for low self-confidence and self-hatred. It is excellent for sore throat conditions, and many female problems.



  • ·         difficult childhood,  
  • ·         separated from their mothers for long or short periods of time,
  • ·         conflicts with their mothers, stopped breast feeding too soon; anytime the mother-child relationship gets disturbed.
  • ·         lack of confidence and forsaken feelings,
  • ·         low self-esteem, even self-hatred. 
  • ·         feels dirty, like they are falling to pieces, with fear of failure.
  • ·         hypersensitive and hysterical, forgetful, aggressive.
  • ·         Full of fears.



  • ·         painful, swollen throat, extending to the ears, symptoms change from side to side
  • ·         stiffness of the neck and tongue.
  • ·         Menstrual problems include: menses are too early, too profuse, flow gushes out of body. Breasts are swollen, and painful,
  • ·         Mastitis. This remedy can dry up milk in nursing mothers.
  • ·         sciatica on the right side, the legs feel numb and stiff, with cramps in feet.


General Symptoms: Dreams of snakes. Better for cold drinks. Swelling glands during menses.


 29.  Lachesis: Bushmaster Snake

 A remedy for jealousy and intense passion.


  • ·mind is overactive, they are loquacious, wanting to talk all the time, jumping from one subject to another, never listening to others, bombastic, exaggerated, and rambling.
  • ·         Jealousy and ailments from disappointed love.
  • ·Strong sex drive or high moral standards.
  • ·         religious insanity, the patient is impassioned 
  • ·         worse on waking,
  • ·         sadness in the morning,
  • ·         doesn’t want to mix with others.
  • ·         Restless, loves to travel,
  • ·         difficulty attending to business.
  • ·         Loves mental work late at night
  • ·         has a vivid imagination.



  • ·         Circulatory problems, with purplish discoloration of skin.
  • ·         Sore throat, worse tight things binding the neck or waist, septic throat, diptheria, feelings as if something is swollen and can’t be swallowed.
  • ·         Sensation of suffocation and strangulation on lying down,
  • ·         cough, with dry, suffocating fits, heart palpitations, with fainting spells, especially during menopause.
  • ·         menopausal symptoms.


General Symptoms: Awakes unrefreshed, often with a headache. Better for all discharges, feels better after menses.


30.  Ledum: Marsh Tea

 A remedy for puncture wounds, bites, stings, and BLACK EYE.


  • ·         loner, likes seclusion, dreads men.
  • ·         misanthropic and hateful.
  • ·         constitutions broken down from drugs and alcohol
  • ·         craves whiskey.


  • ·         eye injuries, stings, bites.
  • ·         puncture wounds
  • ·         Tetanus, with twitching near the wound.
  • ·         back and spine injuries, stiffness on waking or rising from a seat.
  • ·         rheumatism, particularly when it starts in the feet and rises upward.
  • ·         lack of animal vitality and warmth.
  • ·         chilly.
  • ·         anal fissures, bleeding piles,
  • ·         gouty pains in the joints, swelling pain in the joints.


General Symptoms: Cold but dislikes warmth of bed. Heat is intolerable.


31.  Lycopodium: Club Moss

A remedy that assists assimilation, works on the liver and gall bladder and digestive tract. It is a good remedy for mental conditions such as fear, and lack of confidence.


  • ·extreme lack of confidence.
  • ·aversion to new things with a strong compensation that appears as sophistication and haughtiness
  • ·dictatorial and presumptuous,
  • ·nice while in the company and a tyrant at home.
  • ·inflated ego.
  • ·irritable on waking,
  • ·         shuns responsibilities,
  • ·         melancholy and afraid to be alone.
  • ·         fear breaking down under stress.


  • ·         flatulent, all food turns to gas.
  • ·         strong mind, and a weak body.
  • ·         easily satisfied with food.
  • ·         pain in the right ovary,
  • ·         bearing down pains of uterus when bending over,
  • ·         anxiety felt in stomach,
  • ·         coldness in one foot, the other is hot,
  • ·         hair grays early,
  • ·         premature ageing.  

 General Symptoms: A remedy that supports the liver and tonifies the gallbladder. Always feels better after midnight.


 32.  Magnesia Carbonicum: Carbonate of Magnesia

 This is a remedy for feeling forsaken and unloved, often referred to as the orphan’s remedy. It is appropriate for both children and adults.



  • ·         neglected;
  • ·         those who witnessed fights and quarrels between their parents,
  • ·         children of divorce;
  • ·         deceived friendship.  
  • ·         despair from pains,
  • ·         disgust with everything,
  • ·         kleptomania,
  • ·         children who are behind in school, 
  • ·         problems with writing and reading.
  • ·         sensitive to conflict; the natural peacemakers whose world feels threatened, for people who are insecure,
  • ·         hyperactivity,
  • ·         children who are bad tempered and oversensitive.



  • ·         nervous exhaustion.
  • ·         feels worse from a night’s sleep; they wake tired and all their pains are at night when they are restless.
  • ·         sour temper, sour taste, sour perspiration and sour secretions.
  • ·         greenish diarrhoea, with cramps, which force them to double over,
  • ·         vomiting, distension of the stomach,  
  • ·         back pains, as if the back were broken.

 General Symptoms: Walking in the open air makes them feel better, even if chilly and cold. Weakness with menses, their body feels tired and painful, especially legs and feet.

   33. Magnesia Muriatica:

A remedy for depression and anxiety, also for severe menstrual cramps.


  • ·         dislikes confrontation and aggression, they only want peace.
  • ·         strong sense of duty
  • ·         anxiety about fulfilling their responsibilities, at night they get overwhelmed with fear.
  • ·         aggression is well compensated, but they can be unstable and have depression with violent outbursts or experience manic depression.



  • ·         severe menstrual cramps It helps to take it on a monthly basis, as needed, for cramps.
  • ·         heavy, dark, clotted menses,
  • ·         numbness and tingling in upper limbs,
  • ·         heart palpitations,
  • ·         distension of belly,
  • ·         burping with headaches,
  • ·         craving water with headaches.

 General Symptoms: Worse for bathing in lake or at the sea. Gushing of menstrual blood while sitting.

34.  Magnesia Phosphorica: Phosphate of Magnesia

A pain relief remedy for cramps, headaches, and general pains.


  • ·         irritable and fearful,
  • ·         very impulsive.
  • ·         sensitive artistic or intellectual people, who are nervous, intense, restless and neurotic with cramps and pain.
  • ·         always discussing their pains.



  • ·         erratic, wandering pains,
  • ·         radiating pains,
  • ·         cramping, shooting, stitching pains.
  • ·         growing pains in young people.
  • ·         headache which starts in the nape of the neck, spreading to whole head,
  • ·         pre-menstrual pains, better when the flow starts.


General Symptoms: Better for hot applications to affected parts. Better for pressure on painful area.


35. Mercury: Quicksilver

A remedy for many conditions, specifically for toothache, enlarged glands, lymph nodes. It has a strong affinity to mental states of confusion and fear.


  • ·         Instability, unsure of self at all levels.
  • ·         Slow in answering questions.
  • ·         Memory weakened with loss of will power.
  • ·         Weary of life, broken down states. Thinks they are losing their reason.
  • ·         Gets lost in familiar streets.
  • ·         Very suspicious, cautious, vulnerable. 
  • ·         Stammers in speech. 
  • ·         Fear of being attacked from behind.
  • ·         Feels everyone is their enemy. 
  • ·         Very conservative, wants order in all relationships.
  • ·         Always discontented. All or nothing attitude. Can become a revolutionary anarchist because of these attitudes. 
  • ·         Great lack of confidence, trembles inside, easily embarrassed.   
  • ·         Sensitive to criticism and contradiction, may become violent, hatred of persons who have offended them.
  • ·         Inner conflict between desire for law and order and violent impulses.
  • ·         INSTABILITY.



  • ·         Sensitive to heat and cold, like a thermometer.
  • ·         Perspiration all over their body, without relief.
  • ·         Easy perspiration, foul odours.
  • ·         Swollen glands.
  • ·         Free secretions, thin, slimy, acrid, burning, foul or thick.
  • ·         Much saliva, flows during sleep.
  • ·         Ulcerative colitis.
  • ·         Stools, never done sensation.

 General Symptoms: Flabby feeling in hard parts of body. Heat flushes with nausea.


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