Glossary of Homeopathic Remedies N to R

 Natrum Carbonicum: Carbonate of Sodium

 A remedy for weakness caused by summer heat and chronic effects of sunstroke exhaustion.



  • ·Selflessness and sweet natured.
  • ·Delicacy and dignity
  • ·Self-contained, independent, kind and mild.
  • ·Unselfish with a tendency to sacrifice.
  • ·Devoted and giving to others.
  • ·Sympathetic, takes care of others without asking anything back.
  • ·         Cheerful, even when sad. 
  • ·         Very sensitive to ambiance.
  • ·         Withdrawn and estranged.
  • ·         mental exhaustion
  • ·         Oversensitive to music, thunderstorms.
  • ·         Aversion to certain people, company.
  • ·         Estranged from her family.
  • ·         Restless while reading.



  • ·         Weakened by heat.
  • ·         Weak digestion.
  • ·         Weak ankles, easily dislocated and sprained.
  • ·         Flatulence and diarrhea from milk.
  • ·         Acute hearing.
  • ·         Leucorrhoea after sex.
  • ·         Burning perspiration.


General Symptoms: Gets up at 5am with an empty feeling in stomach. Better for eating before bed.


 Natrum Muriaticum: Chloride of Salt

 A major remedy for grief, emotionally closed people, migraines.


  • ·easily hurt and feeling rejected. (even from conception if their mothers rejected being pregnant or sought abortion), vulnerable.
  • ·         Desire for solitude, dwells on the past, recalling negative experiences, so that they are unable to sleep, or it makes them ill.
  • ·Very responsible people, with feelings of guilt.
  • ·Objective mentally, immature emotionally.
  • ·emotional after sex or drink.
  • ·Defensive and cautious.
  • ·Consolation makes them feel worse.
  • ·         Longs for love, sympathy and connection with others but cannot create it in their lives.
  • ·         Must always find the source of strength within themselves.  
  • ·         Torn by inner strife.



  • ·         Strong craving for salt,
  • ·         great thirst for cold drinks.
  • ·         Worse, heat of the sun.
  • ·         Pains appear and disappear gradually.
  • ·         Headaches hammering, bursting,
  • ·         maddening headaches worse for reading, motion, light, noise, sun and menses
  • ·         Herpes Labialis.
  • ·         Dry vagina. 
  • ·         Deep crack in middle of lower lip.
  • ·         Oily skin.
  • ·         Backaches better for lying on something hard.


General Symptoms: Sleep is disturbed by anxious dreams. Dreams of robbers being pursued.  Skin eruptions from being over heated. Faintness in crowded, hot room.


   Natrum Phosphoricum: Sodium Phosphate

 A remedy for the initial stages of sore throat and for excessive lactic acid buildup in the body resulting from too much sugar. Good for all ailments with excessive acidity.


  • ·         Delusions that he hears footsteps or that furniture are people.
  • ·         Forgetful after sexual excess.
  • ·         Indifferent to loved ones.
  • ·         Sadness from masturbation. Starting, with the sensation of an electric shock running through the body.



  • ·         Head feels full from mental exertion and during thunderstorms.  
  • ·         Eyesight dim after sex.
  • ·         Ears very itchy.
  • ·         Nose discharges yellow mucus.
  • ·         Mouth has a discolored yellow tongue. 
  • ·         Stomach feels overly acidic from eating fatty food.
  • ·         Sour vomit during headache.
  • ·         Male: pain in spermatic chord after seminal emissions., seminal discharge every night.
  • ·         Female: Leucorrhoea, cream like, offensive, sour. 
  • ·         Chest sensation as if there is bubbling in the heart and it passes through the arteries.
  • ·         Palpitations from thunderstorms.
  • ·         Restless sleep.

 General Symptoms: Convulsions, during seminal emissions. Flushes of heat during menses. Lassitude in warm weather, during storms. Trembling during thunderstorms. Warm weather aggravates.


  Natrum Sulphuricum: Sodium Sulphate

  A remedy specific for HEAD INJURIES at any time


  • ·         A systematic worker
  • ·         down to earth
  • ·         strong sense of duty and responsibility. Their emotions are not involved nor are they impulsive or spontaneous.
  • ·         objective, realistic and always matter of fact people.
  • ·         emotional with music.
  • ·         Sadness and suicidal disposition.
  • ·         Mental changes after head injury.


  • ·         Profuse yellow, watery discharges or thick yellow-green and purulent.
  • ·         Chronic physical or mental problems that arise from an old head injury.
  • ·         Headaches with photophobia.
  • ·         Asthma from damp, wet weather and head injury.
  • ·         hepatitis, gallstones, colic, and jaundice
  • ·         chronic liver pains and inflammation. 
  • ·         Vertigo after head injury.

 General Symptoms: Worse for changes in weather and wet, damp weather. Injuries from convulsions.


Nux Vomica: Poison Nut

 A remedy for constipation, sore throat and mental states of anger and irritability.


  • ·         strong, ambitious personality who gets angered and irritable easily
  • ·         business people who have a sedentary life style, eat overly rich food and drink too much. 
  • ·         cramped and can’t relax.
  • ·         Independent, fear of marriage, intimacy, fastidious, fault finding, reproaching others.
  • ·         Irritable and impatient.
  • ·         Quarrelsome, even to the point of violence.
  • ·         Jealous and abusive.


  • ·         lazy and torpid liver, the cause of irritability and anger.
  • ·         Constipation, ineffectual urging to stool, to urinate, to belch, to sneeze, to vomit
  • ·         Sensation as if not finished.
  • ·         Cramps, cramped state, spasms, jerks, tense.
  • ·         Hay fever, wakes sneezing.
  • ·         loss of sleep.
  • ·         High sex drive.
  • Sore throat with liver imbalance.

.General Symptoms: Faintness from the smell of odours. Headaches, hangovers.


 A remedy for fear, fright, joy, head injuries.


  • ·         disappointment, embarrassment, fear,
  • ·         fright from the sight of an accident, grief, mortification, reproaches, shame mental shock.
  • ·         withdrawal into an inner world.
  • ·         those who drown themselves in drink.
  • ·         Dipsomania.
  • ·         Unaffected painless symptoms,
  • ·         lack of vital reaction to stimulation.



  • ·         Vertigo after stress.
  • ·         Eyes open during unconsciousness.
  • ·         Face pale and discolored during rage, headache.
  • ·         Constipation, stool recedes, after drug abuse, during pregnancy, sedentary life style.
  • ·         Diarrhoea after fright, or from sudden joy.
  • ·         Involuntary stool after fright.
  • ·         Retention of urine.
  • ·         Female: cam prevent miscarriage from fright. Prolapse uterus from fright.
  • ·         Strong sexual desire. 
  • ·         Voice lost from fright.
  • ·         Dreams while awake, breathing stops during sleep.

.General Symptoms: Convulsions, from fright,, twitching from fright. All secretions are suppressed except perspiration.


  Petroleum: Crude Rock Oil

A remedy useful for skin eruptions, cuts that don’t heal, fissures in the skin, asthma and gastric acidity.


  • ·         Excitable and quick tempered, quarrelsome,
  • ·         worse for drinking alcohol.
  • ·         Irresolute, chills easily and dreads the open air.
  • ·         Feels as though death is near and has a desire to settle their affairs soon.
  • ·         Low spirited with dim eyesight, irritability and easily offended.
  • ·         Vexation, Skeptical.



  • ·         Moist eruptions on scalp, worse back of head and ears.
  • ·         Dim sighted, far sighted, skin around the eyes is dry and itchy.
  • ·         Eczema behind the ears, with intense itching.
  • ·         Ringing and cracking in the ears.
  • ·         Chronic Eustachian tube cattarah, diminished hearing.
  • ·         Nostrils ulcerated, cracked and burned.
  • ·         Heartburn, hot, sharp.
  • ·         Distension of the stomach, feeling of great emptiness.
  • ·         Male: herpes on penis, prostrate inflamed and swollen.
  • ·         Female: Profuse discharge, genitals sore and moist. 
  • ·         Respiration is poor. Dry cough and feeling of oppression in chest at night.
  • ·         Coughing produces headache. 
  • ·         Asthma, worse being indoors.
  • ·         Hoarseness.
  • ·         Tips of fingers cracked, fissures in heals and hands that won’t close.
  • ·          Skin itching and burning, chilblains, bedsores.
  • ·         Eczema.

 General Symptoms: Flushes of heat in daytime, and after anger. 

   Phosphoric Acid

A remedy for exhaustion from overwork, grief, disappointment f. Used in childbirth when labor has exhausted the mother. Useful in relieving pains of cancer.



  • ·         Mild, yielding
  • ·         overwhelmed by emotions
  • ·         slow recovery of acute illness. 
  • ·         Apathetic, burned out, lazy.
  • ·         Weak and indifferent to everything.
  • ·         Slow to grasp ideas and has poor memory.
  • ·         grief, disappointed love, mental shock and settled despair.


  • ·         head feels heavy and confused.
  • ·         Crushing headache.
  • ·         Hair: grays early and falls out.
  • ·         Blue rings around eyes.
  • ·         Ravenous appetite at night.
  • ·         Sensation of a lump in the guts after eating.
  • ·         Nausea on looking at food.
  • ·         Diarrhoea from anticipation, change of weather, from cold, or taking cold in summer, cold food.  
  • ·         Urination interrupted after coition.
  • ·         Male: Erections, incomplete during sex, seminal discharges, after sex
  • ·         Palpitations in bed at night, from grief, sexual excitement, disappointed love.

 General Symptoms: Irritability, when too much medicine produces an oversensitive state. Slow repair of broken bones, Weakness from disappointment.



 A remedy for burning pains, hemorrhages, hypoglycemia, colds, flu.


  • ·Extroverted, open and affectionate
  • ·too open and impressionable,
  • ·sensitive to all external impressions.
  • ·         Easily distracted, suggestible.
  • ·full of fears,
  • ·         anxious about being alone, ghosts, future, health, disease, thunderstorms
  • ·         Quickly prostrated by bad news.
  • ·         Low Spirits.
  • ·         Clairvoyant premonitions.
  • ·         Paralysis of the insane.
  • ·         Mental fatigue.
  • ·         Excitable, restless, fidgety.
  • ·         Insanity, with exaggerated ideas about themselves.



  • ·         Cataracts, sensation that everything is covered with mist.
  • ·         Atrophy of the optic nerve.
  • ·         Oedema of eyelids.
  • ·         Glaucoma.
  • ·         Thrombosis of retinal vessel and degenerative changes in retina.
  • ·         Face, pale with blue rings under eyes.
  • ·         Hungry soon after eating.
  • ·         Vomiting of warm water from the stomach. Can’t hold food down.
  • ·         Sharp, cutting pains in the stomach.
  • ·         Liver congestion.
  • ·         acute hepatitis, jaundice, fatty degeneration of the liver, pancreatic diseases
  • ·         Male: Lack of sexual power. Irresistible desire with lascivious dreams.
  • ·         Female: bleeding in between periods. Weeps before menses. Stitching pain in breast. Discharge profuse and corrosive.
  • ·         Hoarseness, sore throat, coughing with a sensation of tickling in throat.
  • ·         Lung congestion.
  • ·         Burning pains and oppression in chest during flu, pneumonia, TB.
  • ·         Violent palpitation with anxiety.

 General Symptoms: The patient is worse from touch, mental exertion, warm food and drink, change of weather, thunderstorms.  Feels better in the dark, cold food, open air, washing from cold water.


  Phytolacca: Poke Root

A remedy for swollen glands, prostration, soreness, restlessness, cancer.


  • ·         Loss of personal delicacy,
  • ·         disregards surroundings.
  • ·         Indifferent to life.
  • ·         Indifferent to exposing herself. Shameless.
  • ·         Unbearable pains.



  • ·         Wandering and shooting pains, like electric shocks.
  • ·Pains appear and disappear, like electric shocks.
  • ·Restlessness with desire for motion.
  • ·Cancer. Hard nodules in the breast with enlarged axillary glands.
  • ·Mastitis., breasts feel like hard stones, heavy and swollen, worse during nursing, pains can spread to entire body. Cracked nipples.
  • ·Tonsillitis., recurrent or acute.
  • ·         Tendency to Sinusitis.
  • ·         Angina Pectoris, when pain leave heart and appears in the right arm.
  • ·         Pain in the hips, worse on motion, worse in damp weather.


General Symptoms: Abscess of the breast, pains suddenly come and go.


32.  Platina: Platinum

 A remedy for feminine aspects, with emotional and sexual components.


    romantic and idealistic

  • ·         disappointment, especially sexual in nature; grief, scorn, or deceived ambition
  • ·         dwelling on the past, feeling forsaken and deserted. 
  • ·         Compensation with masturbation and narcissism.
  • ·         Self-love, only wants the very best things.
  • ·         Contempt for others, arrogance and pride.
  • ·         Feeling superior with dullness and indifference to others.



  • ·         High sex drive, excessive sexual desire.
  • ·         Easily excited.
  • ·         Violent cramping, including vaginismus during sex.
  • ·         Numbness, stiffness and coldness in affected parts.
  • ·         Pains appear and disappear gradually.
  • ·         Menses copious and short. 
  • ·         Numbness in the coccyx.

General Symptoms: Numbness in spots, pains, sore, worse with pressure. Trembling pains. Weakness, motion ameliorates.

  Plumbum: Lead 

A remedy for paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis, Infantile Paralysis, and progressive muscular atrophy.



  • ·         Depression with fear of being killed.
  • ·         Melancholy, slow perception with loss of memory.
  • ·         Apathy.
  • ·         Mental exhaustion from physical efforts  
  • ·         Rigidity in thinking of egocentric people who are self-destructive, impulsive and seek forbidden thrills. 
  • ·         Children: weak memories or problems at school, emotional instability with great restlessness.



  • ·         Slow deterioration of extensors.
  • ·         Distinct blue lines along margins of gums, referring to intake of lead.
  • ·         Gastralgia, constant vomiting.
  • ·         Cannot swallow solid food.
  • ·         Excessive colic.
  • ·         Strangulated hernia.
  • ·         Constipation, hard, lumpy stools, black, with urging and spasm. Impacted feces.
  • ·         Chronic interstitial nephritis, with great pain in the abdomen.
  • ·         Male: loss of sexual power. Testicles feel constricted.
  • ·         Female: Vaginismus with emaciation and constipation. Vulva and vagina hypersensitive.  Tendency for miscarriage.
  • ·         Cardiac weakness.
  • ·         Lightening like pains in back.
  • ·         Paralysis of single muscle. 
  • ·         Cannot raise of lift anything with the hand.
  • ·         Extension is difficult.
  • ·         Wrist drop, cramps in calves. Feet swollen, paralysis in legs.


General Symptoms: Worse at night, better rubbing with hard pressure and physical exertion.


  Podophyllum:  May Apple

A specific remedy for acute diarrhoea, and digestive problems.


·         Depression.



  • ·headache alternating with diarrhoea,
  • with heated face and bitter taste, rolls head from side to side, moaning and vomiting.
  • ·Difficult dentition in infants with diarrhoea.
  • ·Nausea and vomiting.
  • ·Heartburn, gagging or empty retching.
  • ·Baby vomits milk.
  • ·         Abdomen is distended, hot and empty.
  • ·Sensation of weakness.
  • ·         Liver painful
  • ·         Long standing diarrhoea, green, watery, fetid, profuse, gushing. 
  • ·         Constipation alternating with diarrhoea. 
  • ·         Female: pain in uterus and right ovary. Suppressed menses, with pelvic spasms. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth.


General Symptoms: Worse in morning, in hot weather and during teething.



A remedy for genetic predisposition for under-functioning systems, worse for cold. Achy, weak patients slow to recover from chronic conditions.  


  • ·         Hopeless, despair of recovery.
  • ·         Suicidal longings.  
  • ·         Always at the effect of life’s changes.
  • ·         Forebodings, anxiety, lack of energy, will power, love, money, hope, knowledge, ambition, reaction, life impulse.
  • ·         Forsaken.
  • ·         Confused as to his identity.


  • ·         Congestion with headache and nose bleed.
  • ·Chronic headaches, usually accompanied with great hunger, worse at night.
  • ·Worse for change of weather.
  • ·Eczema around face and ears. Skin is dirty, dry, dingy looking.
  • ·Hair is rough and lusterless.
  • ·Intolerable itching.
  • ·Herpetic eruptions, especially on scalp and bend of joints with itching.
  • ·Enlarged glands.
  • ·Indolent ulcers slow to heal. 
  • ·         Profuse perspiration, night sweats.
  • ·         Always hungry and longing for food. 
  • ·         Asthma, pain in chest, coughs return every winter from suppressed eruptions.
  • ·         Hay fever returning every year.


General Symptoms: Worse for drinking coffee. Worse for change of weather, in hot sun, from cold. Dreads cold air Better heat, warm clothing even in summer.


 .Pulsatilla:  Wind Flower

 A remedy for clinging children, animals when you are leaving the house, people who are worse for being alone. Good remedy for heart congestion, heart problems with pain as well as colds with yellow discharge.


  • ·         Weeps easily and often.
  • ·Timid, clingy, irresolute.
  • ·Fears being alone, fear of the dark and ghosts.
  • ·Loves sympathy and attention of others.
  • ·Child loves to fuss and be caressed.
  • ·Yielding disposition, submissive, cannot say NO.
  • ·Longs to please others, forsaken feeling when alone.
  • ·Can be manipulative to get attention.
  • ·         Better for consolation and attention of others.



  • ·         Never been well since puberty.
  • ·         Changeable symptoms, shifting from one side to the other.
  • ·         Chilly person but intolerant of heat.
  • ·         Longs for air, better out of doors or with windows open. 
  • ·         Digestive problems
  • ·         loves fat and can eat butter and cream.
  • ·         pregnancy and childbirth for air cravings.
  • ·         colds with yellow discharge;
  • ·         children: with constantly running noses.
  • ·         Male: for swelling testes after mumps.
  • ·         Female: leucorrhoea, profuse. Dysmenorrhoea, from getting feet wet. A good remedy for bringing on menses if slow or delayed.


General Symptoms:  Contradictory and alternating states. Eating to satiety. Faintness in a closed room. Love of rich food but makes ill.

 .  Pyrogen:


A remedy specific for serious infections which do not respond to drugs or remedies. Septic states with intense restlessness. Septic states with intense restlessness. A good homeopathic antiseptic.


  • ·         Full of anxiety and insane notions.  
  • ·         Loquacious, can’t stop chattering 
  • ·         Delusions about his wealth.
  • ·         Cannot distinguish whether he is dreaming or awake.



·         Head throbs with pain,

·         bursting headache with acute restlessness.

·         Septic fevers.

·         Chill begins in back, temperature rises rapidly.

·         Great heat with profuse hot sweat, but temperature does not drop.

·         Tired feeling in heart with palpitations.

·         Pulse is overly rapid.  

·         Vomiting, water when it becomes warm in the stomach.

·         Female: septicemia following miscarriage or abortion.  Menses offensive. Uterine hemorrhage. Fever at each menstrual period, creating pelvic inflammation.

·         Postoperative cases with overwhelming sepsis.


General Symptoms: Relief from motion. Abscesses that are recurrent and burn. Pain feels as if the bones are broken. For dissecting wounds.




38.  Rhus Toxicodendron: Poison Ivy


A remedy for skin irritation, rheumatic pains, mucous membrane problems and mental irritation.



·         Great irritability and internal restlessness.

·         Tendency to withhold feelings, stiff, unresponsive, hold affection back. 

·         Fixed ideas

·         superstition.

·         Apprehension at night.

·         Feels threatened, without knowing why.

·         Cares and worries all worse at night

·         Sadness after midnight.

·         Listless, suicidal thoughts. 

·         Fear of being poisoned.



·         strain, over-lifting, getting wet while perspiring.

·         Septic conditions, such as pneumonia, infections. 

·         Stiff joints and rheumatism in cold weather.

·         Septicemia.

·         Headache in occiput. Scalp sensitive.

·         Eyes swollen and red. Pustular inflammation of the eye.

·         Old eye injuries. Ulceration of the cornea.

·         Sneezing on getting wet. 

·         Dislocation of the jaw, swollen face. 

·         Teeth feel lose and gums sore.

·         Throat sore with swollen glands.

·         Lack of appetite with great thirst. Desire for milk,

·         distension of abdomen.

·         Diarrhoea of blood, slime, and red mucus.

·         Dysentery, with tearing pains down thighs.

·         Male: Swelling of glands and prepuce, scrotum thick, swelling and intense itching.

·         Female: Swelling, with intense itching of vulva. 

·         Respiration with dry, teasing cough from midnight to morning, during chill, or when putting hands out of bed.

·         Hypertrophy of heart from overexertion.

·         Backpain between shoulder blades. 

·         Extremities are hot, swollen, painful: tendons, joints, ligaments, facia.

·         All pains better from motion.


General Symptoms: Dreams of great exertion.  Worse in cold, wet weather and after rain, at night, during rest. Better for warm, dry weather, motion, change of position, rubbing warm application.



39. Ruta Graveolens: Rue-bitterwort


A remedy for complaints of strain, flexor tendons, especially. Sprains, lameness, weakness of joints, injured and bruised bones.



·         Feelings of intense lassitude,

·         weakness

·         despair.




·         Acts on the periosteum and cartilage, eye and uterus. 

·         Head pains, as if from a nail, after drinking.

·         Nose bleeds.

·         Eye strain followed by headache.

·         Eyes are red, hot, painful from sewing or reading.

·         Constipation, alternating with straining.

·         Cancer of the lower bowel.

·         Prolapse rectum after childbirth.

·         Tendons shortened in pregnancy, helps in the 7th month to expand without pain.

·         Cough with copious, thick, yellow expectoration, chest feels weak.

·         Pain in nape of neck, back and loins.

·         Backache is better for pressure and lying on back. For lumbago, worse in the morning on rising. 

·         Spine and limbs feel bruised and painful. Hips and things feel weak.

·         Contracture of the fingers, weak wrists.

·         Ganglia. Sciatica, worse for lying down.


General Symptoms: Pains are worse lying down, worse from cold, wet weather.




40. Sabina: Savine


 A remedy that acts on the uterus and fibrous membranes, also good for gout.  Used as an anti-hemorrhagic in child birth.



·         Great sensitivity to music, going through them causing weeping and melancholy

·         Sensitive to every noise.

·         Longs for fresh air, will throw the windows and doors wide open, even in winter.

·         Worse warmth, touch, motion.



·         Fullness in all veins of the body, sense of distension, fullness with pulsation associated with repeated hemorrhage.

·         Flushes of heat with cold hands and feet.

·         Craving for sour, juicy and refreshing things.

·         Female: Tendency to miscarriage in the 3rd month of pregnancy due to atony of the uterus. Ailments after miscarriage.  Growths along the mucus membranes particularly the genitalia. Uterine Hemorrhage of bright red blood mixed with dark clots. Hemorrhage from fibroids, after miscarriage, delivery, profuse menses or menopausal bleeding. Aching in the sacrum, as if broken, better by lying on back with limbs extended. Bleeding between periods. Can be used in childbirth for retained placenta.

·         Male: Inflammatory gonorrheoea, with pus like discharge. Burning sore pain in glans. Increased desire.


General Symptoms: Worse for least motion, heat and warm air. Better in cool air.


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