Homeopathic Tissue or Cell Salts

TISSUE  SALTS      Tissue salts or Cell Salts, as they are also known, are homeopathically prepared, low potency mineral salts. These minerals are found in the human body.  They   come in small, easily dissolvable pellets or tablets and are useful in supporting many physical conditions, working where there is an organic insufficiency in  the body.

They help:

  • build tissues,
  • regulate fluids in the body,
  • purify blood and
  • build natural vitality.

Originally prepared by Dr. Schuessler in Germany, they are also known as the Biochemic Cell Salts and can be purchased singly or as specific combinations in any good health food shop or homeopathic pharmacy. 

There are twelve salts in the range.  Using these salts during pregnancy, for instance, helps the fetus develop strong bones, healthy blood and a fortified cellular structure.

When a person suffers from chronic disease the cell salts help to rejuvenate their system. The salts work on the mucous membranes, the nerves, the fluids, hair, bones, nails and the crystalline lens of the eyes.

The twelve cell salts are:

Calcium Fluoride: which gives tissues their elasticity. It works on connective tissue and the surface of bones as well as the enamel of teeth. Whenever there is a weakening or an overly relaxed condition this salt is indicated. It is good for sluggish circulation, cracks in the skin, loose teeth, and muscular weakness.


Calcium Phosphate: This salt works on growth and nutrition. It is used to restore   weakened organs and tissues. It is used for bones and teeth and is particularly important to children. It aids growth of the long bones and can be considered when a child is not growing or is backwards in development.  It aids assimilation


Calcium Sulphate: This tissue salt is the blood purifier   It cleans out accumulated non-functional, organic matter in the tissues and throws off decaying organic matter. It is used for all impurities of the blood.


Ferrum Phosphate: This is the pre-eminent cell salt first aid remedy. It is the oxygen carrier and is the remedy used to quell fever. It is used in congestion, inflammation, pain, high temperatures, and quickened pulse. It can be given in the early stages of acute disorders and should be administered frequently till inflammation subsides.

It is good for illness in old age and in young children. It is considered First Aid for muscular strains and sprains.


Kali Mur: This cell salt is for sluggish conditions. It works on skin and mucous membranes and wherever there is pus  it cleanses and purifies blood. It is used when the tongue is coated white, when the liver is torpid and dysfunctional. It can be used for colds, sore throats, coughs, tonsils, bronchitis and in all children’s illnesses like measles, chicken pox, mumps.


Kali Phos: This is the nerve nutrient. It is a wonderful remedy for nervous people, or when under stress and faced with intense demands. It is good for school children to keep them contented , happy and sharp witted. When children are fretful, ill humored, bashful or lazy this remedy helps restore balance. It is a good for nervous headaches, sleeplessness, depression, weariness, lowered vitality, grumpiness and many other conditions where vitality is low.

 A good sore throat remedy in homeopathy comes from mixing two homeopathically prepared cell salts of Natrum Phosphoricum 6x and Kali Sulphuricum 6x., both essential cell salts. If this is taken at the onset of a sore throat it can bring instant relief and stop it from developing further.

Kali Sulph: This remedy helps respiration when a person feels they can’t get enough air. It is also indicated when there is a sticky, yellowish discharge on the skin or mucous membrane. .It works on eruptions on the skin and scalp, with scaling. It will help eliminate a sore throat.


Magnesium Phos: this remedy is an anti-spasmodic.  It works with the nervous system when there is pain. It is indicated for neuralgia, neuritis, sciatica and headaches with shooting, darting pains. It will relieve muscular twitching, heartburn, cramps, hiccups and convulsive coughing and sharp twinge like pains. It works best when tablets are taken with a sip of hot water.


Natrum Mur: This remedy works on water distribution. It maintains the proper balance of moisture in the cell wall. Excessive moisture or excessive dryness in any part of the system can lead to a deficiency in salt, which is what Natrum Muriaticum is.

Low spirits, despair, depression, headaches with constipation, colds with discharges of mucus and sneezing, dry painful nose and throat symptoms, heartburn, great thirst, tooth ache and facial neuralgia with flow of tears, weak eyes, hay fever, muscular weakness, unrefreshed sleep, after effects of alcohol.


Natrum Phos: This remedy is known as the acid neutralizer. It is good for a wide group of ailments arising from too much acid in the blood. This remedy controls the assimilation of fats and has an affinity to the digestive system. It is indicated for dyspepsia, pain after eating, highly colored urine, worms, and nervous irritability. It works for sleeplessness from nervous indigestion, and for rheumatism, lumbago, fibrositis and associated ailments.


Natrum Sulph: This remedy helps eliminate excessive water. It controls the healthy functioning of the liver by promoting the free flow of bile. It is indicated for conditions of the liver, such as biliousness, sandy deposits in the urine,and  water infiltrations. It is the principle agent for treating flu, humid asthma, malaria and other conditions associated with humidity. A few doses of Nat Sulph will help dispel the languid feeling experienced during humid, oppressive weather.


Silica: This remedy is the cleanser. It throws off non-functional organic matter. It can initiate the healing process by promoting suppuration and breaking down pathological debris in the blood. It is good for abscesses, skin and nail weakness, and for strong bones. It acts as a nerve insulator and is good for toothache and other forms of acute pain. It is the remedy for offensive perspiration of the feet and arm pits. It is used when pus forms or there are abscesses, boils, styes. It can treat tonsillitis.

For details of the contents and indications of the combinations please see the Scheussler  Biochemic website. 

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