Homeopathy For Haemorrhoids, Varicose Veins and general vascular wellness.

On this page I'm going to talk about using homeopathy for haemmorhoids, or piles as they are also known, and point you to some remedies which could help to improve vein health. 

But first, the piles! These engorged veins in the rectum can be so painful and debilitating and can bleed when a hard stool is passed. A sharp stitching pain is felt as the haemorrhoids drop out of the rectum and hang like a small grape or bunch of grapes, outside the anus. They are so painful to touch and push back into the anus but more painful if they are left outside.

FIRST I'd like to suggest that you get yourselves really organized. You become acutely aware of haemmorhoids when you are in the loo, right!. So it's when you are sitting on the toilet that you need to deal with them. Beside the toilet place a little table with a box or container for your special creams, suppositories, gentle bottom wipes and hand wipes. There should also be a wastepaper bin. 

The piles will respond quite quickly if you use your routine each time you go to the bathroom. After passing a stool, cleanse, insert a suppository and gently wipe around the affected area.. yes I know it hurts! .. to remove any remaining faeces which may irritate. Then then apply something like vaseline liberally and /or your proprietory haemorrhoid cream. Remember the piles must be gently reinserted back inside the anus if possible. The remedies will help to diminish their size and the inflammation. 

Take an extra fiber supplement like Metamucil or Fibogel, eat a couple of figs or prune juice to keep the stools soft. Harder stools, such as occur after eating nuts or crisps/chips sometimes, can irritate the piles as they pass, causing it to bleed again. The blood is bright red. Should you see darker blood when passing a stool you must go straight back to your GP or physician.

Now for those suffering with haemmorhoids RIGHT NOW, scan down to the list of remedies at the bottom of the page and choose the one that fits you best. Remedies DO REALLY HELP with this condition. I know you'll be thinking 'how can a little tablet I put under my tongue help with the pain of my swollen piles, but they do - so continue with whatever creams and /or suppositories you are using AND ALSO take the remedies.

Not only will they help NOW but also in the future and for those women amongst you -  if you get pregnant again. Haemorrhoids can be especially worse in pregnancy but also in later life. 

Homeopathy For Haemorrhoids, Piles and Varicose Veins

1. Aesculus: A great reliable remedy for piles. It helps with both blind (non bleeding) and bleeding piles. There is a feeling of having a stick up your bottom, with burning and itchy dryness, associated constipation and sometimes a general aching in the lumbar region.

2. Collinsonia: Especially good for pregnant women with piles and an itchy anus - otherwise known as pruritis. The sensation of sticks is felt in the rectum, and the usual constipation.

3. Ignatia: This remedy has sharp shooting pains up into the rectum, which are worse if you cough. A sensation of dropping or prolapse is there. And often this particular remedy does have an emotional component in that your mood will be changeable and you'll find yourself sighing a lot.

4. Hamamelis: Another wonderful reliable medicine for bleeding piles with copious dark flow of blood, excessive soreness and inflammation.

5. Sulphur: extreme anal itch, worse at night, skin and liver compalints, constipation with constant desire to pass a stool.

6. Aloes: Piles protrude like a bunch of grapes, bleeding often and a lot, much better from cold water applications, very marked burning in the anus, bowels feel as if scraped, tendency to with an uncdeertain feeling in the lower bowel.

7. Ratanhia: The piles feel SO sore - like pieces of glass splinters, burning in the anus, they protrude after passing a hard stool and also anal fissures, very painful and sensitive rectum - the pain is there long after the stool has passed. Some relief from cold water.. sitting in a bidet will help.

8. Nux Vomica: piles are large and protruding, not bleeding but with a burning stinging and constricted feeling in the anus.There is also a bruised feeling in the small of the back; usually an emotional component to this remedy in that you will feel irritable and angry.

9. Graphites: haemorrhoids which burn and sting, the anus is sore and feels much worse when sitting. The rectum seems to have lost its contractility and piles protrude easily.

10. Calcarea Flour If you have a long history of previous varicosities and for vulval varicoses use Calc Flour. This remedy has fissures, cracking, itching and bleeding piles. Use it in the 3x potency daily over a longer period to strengthen the area.

11. Tissue salt Combination G is specifically for general piles.

The information on varicose veins is also useful for seniors and menopausal times..

WHY DO WE GET PILES? They are a very common complaint. I got them from sleeping on hard floors in India and then they started to flare up again during pregnancy.  But they can occur for several reasons.

In pregnancy, firstly hormonal changes can induce constipation. Secondly, pressure is being exerted by the expanding uterus. Thirdly, pressure from the babies head in the pelvis, which may obstruct blood vessels to the rectum is thus blocking the return of blood from the pelvic organs and causing a ballooning of the rectal veins. Sounds painful eh!

Some women get them during labor itself from pushing down to get the baby out of the womb.

Haemmorhoids range from small round lumps, blue or purple in color, around and protruding from the anus. Or they can be internal, sitting just inside the anus - but they sneak out when you pass a stool and can either slip back into the rectum by themselves after the stool has been passed - or you might have to give them a gentle nudge. DONT FORGET TO WASH YOUR HANDS REALLY WELL.

If they don't bleed - they are known as 'blind'. Sometimes they do bleed when you wipe yourself, others may bleed a lot more than that. They can be itchy, burning and very sore. Its hard to sit comfortably when you have them.

Some of the remedies describe a sharp, sticking or stitching pain associated with having piles. This can be felt around the pile itself, or up inside the rectum.


Increasing fiber rich foods - raw vegetables, dried fruits, bran and wholegrain breads, and increasing water intake, particularly water, will help to keep the bowels moving. Taking a natural laxative, such as oat bran or prunes, at the first signs of haemmorhoids, will also help. A daily glass of the flavored psyllium products like Metamucil can be a great help.

Its vital not to strain when passing a stool, so always go straight to the toilet when you first feel the need and take your time but don't strain.

Use witch hazel solution or homeopathic Hamamelis tincture diluted on compresses if they are swollen or inflamed. Shaped sanitary pads are excellent for this. Keep a few of them in the freezer as the inflamed haemorhoids can feel so much better from cold applications. Its a bit of a shock when you first put them on but such a relief after a moment or two!

All the better if you have a bidet!

Or, why not have a sitz or hip bath: run a shallow tepid bath, thrown in a hand full of sea salt and a few drops of Calendula Tincture and sit for 15 minutes, then blow dry the whole area with a hair dryer on a low setting.I know this might make you laugh but if you are suffering.. its an alternative to touching those oh-so-tender places.

These measures are excellent for hastening the recovery from post birth episiotomy or tearing wounds.


Some women develop varicose veins during pregnancy due to the increased amount of blood not being pumped efficiently back up to the heart through softened vein walls and valves. This can lead to pooling of blood in the legs or the pelvic area, affecting the vulva( vaginal area) creating purplish knots and bulges.

Avoid doing things that will allow this, such as standing for long periods, crossing the legs, pressing thighs on chair while sitting. Regular exercise ( foot and pelvic) throughout the day will help keep the blood moving. If recommended by your general practitioner wear support tights, and remember to put them on before you get out of bed in the morning.

Try to sit or lie down during the day, with your feet elevated higher than your heart.Put the high heels away, along with elastic top knee socks or knee high pantihose.

Varicose veins can be very painful, itchy and cause the whole leg to ache, while those of the vulva are even more painful because its harder to relieve the pressure - and you may feel that everything is going to 'fall out'.

However, whereas leg varicosities will usually remain in some guise after childbirth, the vulval ones will disappear during labor as the perinium stretches - and won't come back.

Increase Vitamin B and Vitamin C intake.

Try an Aromatic Compress, such as a cold compress with witch hazel and essential oils. To prepare the solution put one half cup of distilled witch hazel in a bowl and refrigerate for half an hour then add six drops of cypress, one drop of lemon oil and one drop of bergamot oil. These oils, with the witch hazels, have an astringent effect - they shrink small blood vessels near the skin's surface and therefore reduce swelling.

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