Homeopathy and Tissue Salts
A Major BOOST for your Cell Wellness

TISSUE SALTS or CELL SALTS are minerals, dispensed in tiny, homeopathic doses so that they are easily assimilated into the blood stream and can pass easily into cells around the body. They are essential for the healthy function of a cell structure. Often symptoms or ILLNESSES that we have, are a direct result of a LACK of these tiny amounts of different minerals.

Tissue Salts come in very soft dissolvable pillules, on a lactose base, or in drops for people who are lactose intolerant. They can be popped into a glass of water or even a juice drink. Kids love them and they don't have side effects. And we can all benefit from taking them regularly.

Here are some of the KEY INDICATIONS of the basic twelve tissue salts from Dr. Schuessler's original work, over 150 years ago. You can use them as single tissue salts or purchase one of the 'illness specific' combinations. I have listed these at the bottom of this page.

NB: These combinations have not been tested in the same rigorous way as the individual minerals have been so I don't include them into my list of Judes reliables but still, you may find them a quick and easy place to start for a niggling symptom.


1.CALC FLOUR - For when things have lost their elasticity, as in piles, poor circulation, varicose veins, eczema, cracks and cuts in the skin and poor tooth enamel.

2.CALC PHOS - For when the digestive system has been disturbed or weakened, for example after surgery. In anaemia it is combined with FERR PHOS to help with iron absorption.

3.CALC SULPH - For when the body feels full of toxins, this mineral is a cleanser. If the liver and gall bladder are not working well. Used in combination with KALI MUR when there is thick yellow cattarrh, ulcers and abscesses

4.FERRUM PHOS - For early stages of inflammation, this mineral takes oxygen to the cells and helps with absorbtion of iron

5.KALI MUR - For swollen glands and thick gluey discharges, such as glue ear in children.

6.KALI PHOS - For nervousness, weakness and tiredness,headaches, insomnia and depression

7.KALI SULPH - For chilliness, hot flushes and shifting pains in the limbs.

8.MAG PHOS - For cramps and painful spasms, muscular twitches, hiccups, cramps and sharp twinges of pain, such as in menstrual cramps

9.NAT MUR - For too much moisture OR excessive dryness, this mineral is made of basic salt - so too much salt, or not enough salt, affects the water balance in the body, causing symptoms like excessive coldness of hands and feet, or too many tears, too much water from the nose, too much saliva or dry cracked skin or lips.

10.NAT PHOS - For conditions where there is too much acidity and sourness, eg vomiting or green stools, rheumatism, flatulence, acne, the tongue is creamy yellow, also inflammation and blisters.

11.NAT SULPH - For helping to get rid of too much fluid by increasing the activity of the kidneys and bladder and this helps with bowel activity as well as cleansing the liver and healing ulcers.

12.SILICA For helping where strength and resistance are needed.So we find it in nails, bones and nerves particularly. When there is not enough Silica we find ourselves exhausted, undernourished, with early aging and sensitivity to noise and light.


FERRUM MET A wonderful cell salt with a huge range of helpful actions, including for weakness, tiredness and irritability.

Here are a few of the possible presentations of this fabulous remedy: Face looks pale but has flushes of heat, hammering headache, nausea and vomiting, can't eat eggs, chest and heart feel oppressed, rheumatism of the shoulder, coldness of hands and feet.

FERR MET has successful helped victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

For childrens tissue salt recommendations click onto the childrens button and follow the links.

For senior health tissue salt recommendations click onto the seniors button and follow the link.


I think these mineral combinations are particularly useful for senior health problems. They can be used with various other medications and have no side effects.

COMBINATION A: Nervy and sleepless, insomnia, sciatica, neuralgia

COMBINATION B: General debility and nervous exhaustion

COMBINATION C: Digestive, acidity, heartburn & dyspepsia

COMBINATION D: Minor skin ailments, scalp eruptions, eczema, acne, psoriasis

COMBINATION E: Indigestion, flatulence, colic, and allied conditions

COMBINATION F: Fatigue & nervous headaches, migraine and allied conditions

COMBINATION G: Lumbago, backache and piles

COMBINATION H: Hay fever symptoms

COMBINATION I: Fibrositis, muscular pains, rheumatism and stiffness

COMBINATION J: For coughs, colds, chestiness and allied conditions

COMBINATION K: Hair skin & nails, brittle nails, falling hair and allied conditions

Your local Health Food Shop will have these Tissue Salts, or can order them for you.

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