You Can Now Book a Consultation With Me Via Skype or Email

I hope you have a homeopath near enough to your home for you to have a regular contact for Acute ( coughs/colds/flu etc) symptoms and monthly or bimonthly sessions for Chronic illness and general health maintenance. That's the ideal. It's important to have a session with your homeopath especially when you are well. That's the time we can sort out your basic Constitutional Remedies and give you nosodes related to past illnesses in your family, strengthening you and your future children. 

However, I recognise that for a variety of reasons - distance and circumstances included - this may not be possible. And now, with the help of SKYPE and email, texting etc, I can offer you online access to my consulting service should you need to get advice or a prescription and you cannot find someone locally.

To book a consult you can either pay the individual consult fees through the paypal button on the right or you can sign up with me and pay a smaller monthly amount for access to me for all members of your family. It's up to you. I am semi retired now and have more time and the luxury of experience and knowledge garnered from a long career and many hundreds of clients. BUT - I still believe that if you can find a homeopath nearby to your home, then that is the best course of action for you and your family. 

Warm regards

Jude Cresswell BHSc Homeopathy. 

Book Your Consultation Here

Acute Symptom Consultation   US$ 50   2 hours + 2 prescriptions

Chronic Disease Consultation  4 hours + 2 prescriptions US$250

Constitutional Consultation  4 hours + 4 prescriptions over two months US$ 350

Consultation Fee

You can contact me directly via my contact form . I check it regularly. 

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