Homeopathic Remedies for
First Aid Situations

I have been working with homeopathic remedies for over twenty years and still marvel at their power.

This page will be devoted to 'homeopathic first aid' - often referred to in the profession as 'the jewel in the crown' because they work so quickly, wonderfully well and RELIABLY TOO!

If you have never used them you are in for a real treat!

First aid and domestic emergencies can often be treated safely and effectively in the home with homeopathic remedies. You can put your usual first aid creams and dressings on, of course, but use the AND ALSO principle - i.e. also use the homeopathic remedy/tincture or cream so that you can see how effective they are without compromising health.Then as you get confident in the results you c an move over to using the natural health products for most of the every day knocks and bumps.

Accidents such as cuts and grazes, bites, bumps, bruises and burns respond quickly to specific remedies. We can clean the wound with a few drops of Hypericum and Calendula tincture in water, apply a dressing with Calendula cream and give a dose of Arnica 6 or 30 every few minutes until the shock has settled. For burns we would add the remedy Causticum as it helps the body assimilate the shock of burning. There is a wonderful burns ointment that can be purchased from pharmacies. It anaesthetises the area and also aids in the regrowth of new skin. I only ever used this cream for burns in our household.

And ailments such as coughs, colds, sore throats, flu and indigestion can also be safely treated. Click on the individual links for more info on these conditions.

Homeopathic remedies: DOSAGE

Generally speaking, we are working with either the low dose number 6, or a slightly higher dose number 30. With the 6's you may find you need to repeat more often, every few minutes at first and then hourly. But with the number 30, you can give a dose and wait to see when you need to repeat it, if you are around and can observe the responses. It's quite OK to give them routinely though, say every two or three hours.


Of course, if there has been no improvement in about four hours, then you may need to give another remedy. Revisit the list of remedies for that condition and choose another one.

Sometimes this happens because there is one little piece of the puzzle you haven't asked about.


Keep your medicines out of bright light and in temperatures that are moderate, away from strongly scented things like spices, oils, perfumes and soaps. A kitchen or bedside draw are ideal places.

Some do's and don't's -

* Do not take the lid off more than one bottle at a time.

* Do not handle remedies unless you have to.

* Put the pill in the lid of its bottle and pop it straight into your mouth or the mouth of whoever needs it.

* Babies can be given the remedy dissolved in warm water to drink.

* Suck the pill, do not swallow.

* Do not eat anything or drink, smoke or clean your teeth for ten minutes either side of taking a homeopathic remedy if possible, but of course in an emergency just take the pills as you need them.

Watch out for accidentally anti-doting with coffee, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint. These don't always antidote, but if a remedy is not working and seems well indicated then look around to see if you are taking anything that might antidote.

Repeat the indicated homeopathic remedy in a 6 potency often , less often with the 30 potency, until relief is seen but if there is no improvement look to the next remedy.

HERE IS A LIST OF THE MOST COMMON HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES FOUND IN A GOOD FIRST AID KIT. You might want to print it out as the list is quite long.

I have put them into alphabetical order, but the most important ones have a * beside them

*ARNICA: This famous homeopathic remedy has been used for hundreds of years, especially in mountainous regions of the world. We use it now for all kinds of cases of injury. Take a dose of Arnica as soon as you can after any accident has happened. It may seem strange to take a remedy internally for a cut or a bruise but this little flower remedy has collosal power to help with a process called extravasation - that's the breaking of tissue under the skin. Bruises heal more easily, often not getting as bad as they would have,AND ALSO.. it calms the mind and spirit if a person has had a mental or emotional shock and feel bruised or injured as though they had got a physical injury. I have seen wonderful effects after the shock of grief or the loss of a job.. Arnica doesn't take the hurt away but it does bring a calmness which helps such a lot.

There is an Arnica cream available in most good health food shops. It's good to use on the skin where there is bruising - but NEVER APPLY IT TO the skin if it is broken at all. It will aggravate the wound.


*ACONITE: Another of those wonderful homeopathic remedies that have a physical and a mental emotion aspect. We use it for any complaint that comes on after exposure to cold, dry conditions. So this could be a cough or a cold, sore throat, fever or chill. Symptoms come on suddenly and unexpectedly and will be accompanied by some anxiety or fear. Aconite will calm this anxiety and get to work on the fever or inflammation process that has started.If you can manage to take a dose or two in the first few hours following the onset of the symptoms, you will usually find that the cold or flu just fades away as the body successfully combats the bacteria or virus.


APIS MEL: This is the homeopathic bee sting remedy. It can be taken after a bee or wasp sting, when you have that hot swelling stinging with sharp pains, and the area feels a bit better with cold water or ice. But it could also be a heat rash where the skin is swollen and red, or when your ankles swell up on a long flight. Apis is a diuretic - it encourages your body to release water, so whenever you are a bit swollen or puffy - give a dose of Apis a try.


ARGENTUM NITRICUM: We call this the " I am worried that...." homeopathic remedy. You anticipate that something bad will happen and are worried or anxious about it. This could be before a flight, or a sea voyage or an examination or a first date. This fear or anxiety is causing you to have some loose bowel feelings, perhaps palpitations and a sick kind of feeling. Give Arg Nit a try, it's brilliant at calming the nervous system.


ARSENICUM ALB: I know this sounds like a poison, but because its been put through the incredible dilution and shaking process at the homeopathic pharmacy, there is nothing toxic left in it. Its just a great remedy for all kinds of symptoms like food poisoning with an upset stomach, diarrhoea and vomiting. There can be burning pains which are soothed by a hot water bottle. Mentally too this can be helpful for symptoms like fear of being left alone ( in panic attacks). Worse time is late evening, eg. 11pm to 1am - 2am. Can't sleep.

*BELLADONNA: The beautiful lady with the dark dark eyes.. this is the belladonna that women used to use to make their eyes so mysterious and attractive. We know this homeopathic remedy for its feverishness, heat and congestion so its wonderful for sunstroke, or inflammation, even headaches which are throbbing and worse for light, noise, jarring. In children with an ear infection, for example, you'd see a red flushed face, no thirst, general unwellness and a temperature that won't go down.

*BRYONIA ALB: A plant in the 'hops' family that grows high like a vine. Its very dry, likes dry soil.. and so Bryonia itself is a dry remedy. The cough is dry and hard, the fever is dry, the person is thirsty for large quantities of wate.. gulps it down.. and the mind too can be dry which comes over as irritable and grumpy. It's a great homeopathic remedy for sprains where the least little movement hurts a lot, and inflammation that hurts with movement.Pains are stitching and sharp.

*CALENDULA: The gentle marigold has such healing powers! We use Calendula as an antiseptic, for healing skin and for internal healing too. For accidents where the flesh is torn use the lotion for all cuts , grazes, bruises, and the cream on the skin wound. Calendula promotes regranulation of the skin tissue so you will find that if you use it, scarring will be reduced and wounds heal up quickly and cleanly. It is also useful for all infections and inflammations where puss is being produced. Give give one dose of the number 30 each day.

CANTHARIS: For burns and scalds, given until the pain goes. Also, a great homeopathic remedy for cystitis (or UTI) - check out the link for more choices.

*CARBO VEG This is a great homeopathic remedy for seniors particularly, and I do consider it a first aid remedy. If you are a little overweight, have some gas and indigestion - Whenever you feel out of breath and need to fan yourself.. this is a great reviver! Just a couple of doses and you will be back work. Even after an accident such as near drowning or electric shock.. when the person seem nearly dead.. Carbo Veg has been known to revive them!

*CHAMOMILLA: A must if you have a young baby.. this remedy is useful when the person is very sensitive to pain, and gets irritable and hot.You know toddlers who have temper tantrums? A dose or two of Chamomilla will calm them right down. Pop some drops into a bottle of water and carry it with you.

CHINA: Oh so helpful after an illness which involves loss of fluids, like diarrhoea or vomiting. You feel weak and tired and thirsty.Put yourself onto a course of China, get plenty of sleep and good food and after just a few short days you will be feeling heaps better.

*EUPHATORIUM PERFOLATUM: This a flu remedy. Now lets hope you never get a nasty flu, but if you do - you'll be glad you had this to hand because when we feel THAT ill.. we really can't be bothered with finding remedies, let alone ordering them. See my link to flu for more details.

*GELSEMIUM: Another useful cold and flu remedy. Heavy feeling, headache, muscles ache.. eyes want to be closed! Check out the flu links.

*HYPERICUM: The homeopathic remedy anaesthetic! Its for injuries to parts rich in nerves, such as fingers, toes, spine especially coccyx. All these places are very painful when wounded , aren't they! Hypericum removes local pain. Buy a hypericum and Calendula tincture and use a few drops in water for cleaning wounds. Hypericum itself, as a remedy in pills, taken in the mouth reduces the levels of pain felt when we are burnt or have hur one of those oh so tender places.

IGNATIA: For emotional strain and mental stress, after grief, worry, shock or disappointments in life. We find we are sighing a lot, feel moody and sad. Ignatia helps.

IPECAC: Feeling sick? That awful nausea that comes with food poisoning, travel sickness or in early pregnancy - Ipecac works wonders.

*LEDUM: A must for any homeopathic remedy kit in a household with children or/and a do-it-yourself husband. Wounds from nail, bits and stings.. where the skin has been 'punctured' , Ledum aids the healing process and can stop any infection from developing.

MAG PHOS: Colic and period pains.. feel a bit better if you press something warm to the stomach/abdomen area. (Go from homeopathic remedies to pre menstrual cramps)

*NUX VOMICA: A must for every household.. feeling hung-over after a heavy meal or too much alcohol.. Nux is ideal to help to clear your head. And a big glass of water of course.! Or feeling irritable or just downright angry and stressed, take some nux before sleep and wake with renewed vigor and calm. Its a homeopathic remedy par excellance.. reliable and flexible.. helpful in all kinds of angry or abuse situations too. Ask me for more details.

PHOSPHORUS: One of those wonderful sore throat, cold remedies. Ideal for people who burn the candle at both ends and find themselves exhausted, or having lost their voice.

PULSATILLA: Generally we think of Puls as a children's remedy but it can be for adults too. It has earaches and weepiness. You want to be out in the fresh air and feel stuffed up inside , in a warm atmosphere - you can't breathe!! Worse from eating rich foods.

*RHUS TOX: Aches and pains and strains. Busy in the garden all day and feeling stiff and sore? If it hurts when you first stand up but gets easier as you move.. then Rhus Tox is your homeopathic remedy. Have a warm bath and take some before bed. Continue for a day or two and the sprains will melt away.

RUTA GRAV: Sitting too long at the computer can cause eyestrain. Ruta is a good helper, relaxing tired eyes. Or have you hurt your shins, where the muscle is thin and the bone feels hurt - its the connective or ligament tissue that has been injured. Ruta is the one to get blood circulating back through the area and speeds up healing.

RESCUE REMEDY: This combination Bach Flower remedy is useful for any situation where a 'rescue' would be welcome, such as loss, shock or fright.

SULPHUR: Every home needs some sulphur, it brings a little fire and energy to worn out systems. For example, you have had a cold for a long time, and just can't seem to throw off those last little symptoms, the dry cough or tiredness. Sulphur fires up your immunity and gives it a boost, sufficient to take you back into your optimum health.

NB: Its also used for skin rashes but you should not self prescribe for this symptom. Contact your local practitioner as Sulphur requires careful handling.  Homeopathic remedies can sometimes make things worse before they start to get better, and you don't want to do that without some expert guidance.

SILICA: Now this one does act like magic sometimes. If you have a splinter in your finger.. wood or glass.. take a dose of silica and an hour or two later you may see the splinter just easing to the surface, ready to come out. I have witnessed this phenomena so many times! Its great for boils and abscesses.. anywhere there is pus. If you have an injury that seems to be slow to heal - have a dose or two of silica and the process will be completed.

Now, this is a basic list with some general indications. I am also working on a full glossary of these and many other remedies. (Jan 2017) Go to the suppliers page now and choose one that is nearest to you. Some of them will send an overnight delivery. Once you have bought them from the pharmacy let me know, and I will send you more info about the full remedy indications. That's a couple of pages of the best, most useful info taken from my own case files.

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