Homeopathy for Arthritis and Diet Tips for Managing Arthritis

There are around 26 homeopathic remedies indicated for arthritis. But in this section I want to focus on just four of them to show you how homeopaths make slight and subtle distinctions that lead to a closer and closer match to your unique symptoms. We look at how the symptoms began and what are the conditions that make it feel a little better or worse. These are by no means a definitive list and my advice is that you should consult your homeopath for a remedy for your arthritis. However, you can immediately make adjustments to your diet to reduce foods that could be aggravating it. Scroll down for the diet tips.

Homeopathy for Arthritis

1. Rhus Tox. Inflammed joints with soreness and stiffness on movement. However, as you keep on moving the stiffness eases up and the pain begins to diminish. Often it has come on from getting chilled and has an aching and shooting character to the pain

2. Bryonia. Worse from any kind of movement, the arthritis painthis remedy helps is more of a sharp stitching nature. The usual inflammation and swelling around the joint. 

3. Ruta Grav. arthritis is most commonly felt in the lower back and the hands. The bones feel affected and there is a sense of lameness. 

4. Colchicum. An acute arthritis remedy, Colch. often affects th feet where the pain is tearing . Its is worse from cold and movement and  better from warmth. 

Diet Tips for Managing Arthritis

Very often these days the medication given for arthritis takes no account of what changes and benefits could come about by a change in the diet. On this site I am including several pages on diets for various conditions. By adjusting our diets in this way we can reduce symptoms and therefore reduce the amount of medication we need to take. The end result of that is less stress on the body systems... and we all want that!

More natural remedies for arthritis can be found by going through the seniors link.

There are two kinds of arthritis.

1. Osteoarthritis - or osteoarthrosis - which is a degeneration of the joint surfaces, usually by wear and tear and sometimes by injury. It may affect one joint or many joints, usually the weight bearing ones such as hips and knees.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the joint surfaces and affects the body as a whole. It is an auto immune disease, one in which the body mistakenly attacks itself and is thought to be caused partly by nutritional deficiencies and stress. This stress can be physical, mental or emotional and can cause exhaustion of the body's reserves.

The right diet and vitamin and mineral supplementation reduces the stress levels and refills the body's reserves which are depleted by coping with pain, taking medication and by the disruption to life's harmony caused by chronic disease.


A good quality diet is advisable for osteoarthritis, containing maximum vits and mins, as much organic produce as possible and keeping all food groups in good balance. In any degenerative condition such as this, all junk food should be avoided. Its just too much of a strain on the digestive tract. The diet should be alkaline, with acidic foods reduced.

For lists of acid and alkaline foods, there are some great website. Just google the words and you can download a chart free.

Extra Vit C and E should be taken, to speed repair of the connective tissue. Kelp and Brewer's yeast are great dietary supplements for this condition.

Great Care should be taken to avoid strain on the affected joints, but the circulation should be improved with gentle exercise, massage and the application of herbal oils and linaments.The regular gentle exercise and massage are both very important!


Diet in rheumatoid arthritis is much more important as in some cases it can arrest the disease itself. Since it is an auto-immune system disease there may be food allergies and the first thing to do is look for them. Ideally this means going on an elimination or rotation diet. These days comprehensive tests can be done to determine allergies, but these can be expensive.

If you think you may be allergic, try eliminating one food group at a time for a month. You'll soon feel the difference when you find the foods your body doesn't like!

The foods most often found to make the symptoms worse are milk (or milk products), wheat (or wheatflour products), pork (and pork products), beef, coffee, and acidic foods such as oranges. If there are food allergies then these foods may have to be completely eliminated from the diet.

If there are no food causing allergic reactions then the diet must be as alkaline as possible. Foods must be fresh and organic if possible.

If you have had a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and have not been put onto a strict diet or your food allergies checked.. then please follow these simple nutritional guidelines and also use the page on Rheumatoid arthritis remedies, select one remedy at a time. Within one month you should see improvement in your symptoms, at which point you can think about talking to your doctor about reducing your medication.


Salad vegetables - some should be eaten EVERY DAY!

carrot, watercress, spring onions or sliced red or brown onions, radishes, celery, shredded cabbage (coleslaw), mustard and cress, lettuce, beetroot grated raw or cooked without vinegar.

Cooked fresh vegetables:Broccoli, spring greens, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, onions, leeks, carrots, parsnips, turnips, swede, potato, green runner beans, peas, celeriac, yam, sweet potato, kohlrabi

Pulses:soya beans and soya bean products such as soya flour, lentils, split peas - red and green, chick peas - also known as garbanzo beans , red kidney beans - the ones we usually use for chili con carne, butter beans - big broad cream colored, broad beans - smaller green beans can be grown or found in cans and frozen, haricot beans, black eyed beans, mung beans and bean sprouts.

Fish: all kinds except shell fish

Poultry: chicken , turkey, duck, pigeon

Rabbit and hare

Lamb and lambs liver

Sunflower and safflower oils, sunflower or soya margarines (polyunsaturated)

Nuts: walnuts, almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts

Rice: Brown rice only - NOT white rice.

Fruit: grapes, melon, pears, peaches, apricots and ripe bananas

Dried Fruit: raisins, sultanas, dates, figs, dried apricots, peaches and pears

Honey for sweetening, in small quantities only

Molasses is rich in minerals and is a mild natural laxative carob should replace chocolate


Prue grape juice herbal teas Dandelion coffee Soya milk to replace cows milk. Barley water made with barley kernels.


Citrus fruits: oranges and grapefruits

Berry fruits: Strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrents,gooseberries

Other acidic Fruit: Plums, greengages, pineapple

Acid vegetables: Tomatoes , spinach, rhubarb

Pork, bacon, ham and all preserved meats

Beef in any form

Vinegar and pickles

White bread, white flour and any foods containing white flour

Sugar and foods containing sugar such as jam and marmalade

Salt and salty foods

Processed foods and drinks containing chemical additives

Chocolate and coffee


These are foods which may be taken safely by some people by must be strictly avoided by others. Wholemeal flour, bread, cereals, wheat germ and bran. Milk,butter,cheese,cream,yogurt and all milk products.Eggs,Tea,Apples, Oats and Rye.


Vit C and B complex and calcium pantothenate - all well indicated for arthritis.

Vit E and Selenium support the immune system.

Zinc is needed for the immune system.

Vits A and D are needed for the maintenance and repair of bones and joints and these are all found in fish liver oils.

Take an Omega 3 and 6 capsule daily

Take Evening primrose Oil daily

For natural remedies for arthritis see the link on the seniors page! or you can always contact me for advice and info.

JUDES RELIABLES: I have to say that the Omega 3 and 6 advice has been proven through so much research that we cannot refute it. If you don't already.. get some and start taking it!! And eat some oily fish once or twice a week. I benefit from it and you will too.

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