Homeopathy for Children. 
Reduce Symptom Severity and Strengthen Immunity. 

Using homeopathy for children's health is a major contribution a parent can make to their child's health and wellbeing throughout life. And, of course, it is our number one priority. 

Can I tell you about any homeopathic remedies that could help you improve your children's health? YOU BET!..After thirty years my case files were full of baby, toddler, mid-kid and teenage health issues, successfully treated! 

Let's start with some of my "Jude's Reliable" remedies for everyday ailments. And then my 'hidden treasures', these strengthen your children's immunity against bugs and viruses they can easily pick up at school and elsewhere.

BUT - we never take any chances with our children's health, do we! Cover all bases - that's my motto! If a child needs medical attention for any illness, make sure all first-aid is given immediately to reduce any danger to their well-being. Take them to the doctor or the hospital if you need to.


What we CAN DO with homeopathic medicines and any natural remedy approach for childrens health  - is to have several viable options of "AND ALSO..do this!" I call this my AA rule. ie.. you do this AT THE SAME TIME!

A quick example..your child has a bump or a fall, a shock or an accident. You see that you may need to take them to the doctor or hospital, AND AT THE SAME TIME you can give them a dose of ARNICA while they are on the way. The bruising is lessened, the pain is reduced and the shock or fright is quickly gone. Like Magic! Its a well known fact with homeopaths  all around the world. ARNICA RULES!

You see.. if you have just a few alternative remedies to hand in the kitchen and a couple of essentials in your bag or purse - you can lessen the impact of most illnesses whilst boosting your child's immune system.


In each age section you will find the short list of specific illness 'reliable' homeopathic remedies along with general dosage instructions.

BUT here, let's start with a few basic remedies to have to hand.. your 'wonder kit'.. Mostly filled with homeopathics for childrens health, but also some great creams and tinctures, a couple of fabulous essences for kids 'moods' and tissue salts to build up bones and tissue.

ACONITE: Early stages of inflammation such as colds, coughs, fever, earache, vomiting, diarrhoea and travel sickness. It comes on suddenly - in the night, after a cold wind or a fright. The child wants cold drinks.

ARNICA: Accidents and injuries with bruising and shock. Promotes rapid healing after surgery or dental treatment, during and after childbirth. Child feels better lying down and worse from the slightest touch.

BELL: Sore throat, fever, earache, colds, coughs, flu. Face is hot and red, eyes big. Child wants warmth, to watch TV on the couch and have cold drinks like lemonade.

HYPER: Natures anaesthetic! for injuries to places that really HURT..Fingers, toes, puncture wounds, splinters, bites and stings, after dental treatment. Hyper promotes healing and helps prevent infection in wounds, scratches and cuts. Never be without it!

PULS: Eye symptoms like styes, sticky eyelids, colds with thick green or yellow discharge, very weepy and clingy. " don't leave me alone!".. waaa waaaa. ! Tummy aches from eating rich food. Not thirsty.

BURNS OINTMENT - with Urtica Urens and Calendula.. OH SO FAST.. soothes and numbs.

CALENDULA CREAM- replaced my need for savlon!

Hypericum and Calendula Tincture.. an effective antiseptic. A few drops and I washed wounds with confidence.

 If you need more specifichomeopathic help you should first look for your local homeopath. Failing that you can contact me for a consultation. But local is best where children are concerned. 

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES: These lovely, gentle 'mood changers' act very quickly to calm a troubled treasure.

RESCUE REMEDY - a combination for use in any shock situation.

MIMULUS: a quiet shy child with fears of monsters. Wetting the bed.

IMPATIENS: your child is irritable, nothing pleases. Sibling rivalry causes mean behavior.

AGRIMONY: a very friendly happy child on the outside but a worrier inside. can't get to sleep. something is bothering them.

HOLLY: They are cross and mean.. temper tantrums.. you don't dare say a word!

WALNUT: At times of change, like teething, moving from one bedroom to another, one house to another, one school to another. Walnut eases the transition

Can you see how wonderfully useful these gentle essences can be?.. and they work so well! Give a few drops in a drink a couple of times a day, and soon the mood changes, the fears are forgotten, a sunnier person appears.



Scheussler salts are available everywhere, and are OH, SO USEFUL! Glance through these little snapshots and see which best fits your childrens health state at the moment.

CALC PHOS: Restless, slow teething, sensitive, sweaty at night, slow to talk, loves bacon and smoked foods. Hungry all the time

CALC FLOUR: Vomited a lot. Likes salty foods. Lots of swollen glands.

NAT PHOS: Formula fed baby? Desires sugar. Tongue coated yellow. Colicky or worms. Easily startled and fearful.

NAT MUR: Slow learning to talk. Loves salt. leave me alone!

IF any of these snapshots remind you of your childrens health, go to the glossary link to read the FULL PICTURE. Tissue salts strengthen bones and muscles and nourish cell growth.There are dozens more in the glossary.

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