Homeopathy for Cystitis and Unrinary Tract Infections. 

Cystitis is one of my own recurrent 'acute' symptoms and I find using homeopathy for cystitis really helps to keep the symptoms in check. 

What Is Cystitis?

Think you may have cystitis? Have you noticed that suddenly having a pee has become slightly uncomfortable? There is a burning or hot sensation just as you start or at the end of peeing. This could be cystitis, otherwise known as a urinary tract infection or UTI. Most often it is caused by bacteria, such as E Coli.

Normally E Coli is found in the intestines but it may have found its way into the urinary tract either following sex or maybe as a result of wearing really tight pants. These are the most common aggravating factors. However, it can also occur easily in pregnancy, as the weakened muscle wall caused by the increased hormonal progesterone levels predisposes the bladder to opportunistic infections.

When the symptoms are severe, if you spend most of your time in the bathroom then you may have interstitial cystitis.

Cystitis occurs far more frequently in women than in men because of the shortness of the urethra and its close proximity to the anus and the vagina, allowing easy transmission of bacteria from one area to another. Symptoms may appear gradually or there can be a sudden onset of quite sharp pain on urination.You might feel chilly, have lower abdominal pain or back ache, you need to go to pee very often - sometimes there is not much urine to come out - but you feel like you really need to go urgently.

Of course, most folks will head straight to the physician for a course of antibiotics but there are a few remedies and common sense measures to take at the same time. Cystitis is a serious condition and should not be ignored. Your physician must be included in your treatment plan.


Read through these remedies. When you have chosen one that fits your symptoms, you can take a double dosage approach. Purchase them in drops, then you can put a few drops into a glass of water ( give it a rigorous stir up!) and sip that as well as putting a couple of drops directly under the tongue. The remedy is delivered down into the kidneys as well as a direct approach. In my practice I have found this to be the best and fastest way to relieve symptoms.

Cantharis There is a constant, urgent desire to urinate. You need to go to the toilet frequently even though there may only be a few drops there. A burning sensation before, during and after the urine passes.

Nux Vomica. Desire to urinate frequently and there is a burning pain as the urine flows through.Sometimes you want to pee but nothing happens.You feel irritable and chilly.

Equisetum In this remedy the bladder feels unwell, a kind of dull fullness. This is not relieved by peeing. The burning pain is worse at the END of passing water.

Apis Mellifica Your pee has a very strong color, there may be blood present. Seems to be more urine than you have drunk! You feel a bit drowsy, swollen and restless.. and actually - not very thirsty.

Ars Alb You want to pee but not much happens, and even if you do pass some, you feel like there is more to come. There is a weak feeling in your abdomen. Try sitting in a hot bath! If that brings some relief, then Ars Alb is your remedy.

Staphysagria. With this remedy you have the frequency and urgency, and your bladder still feels full after you have been. They are stinging smarting pains. Mentally you feel angry snappish, indignant. Have you been or felt assaulted recently - it could be mentally, emotionally or physically. If cystitis comes on after some kind of violation - then Staph is the right remedy. It will help with the resolution of those feelings as well as helping with the cystitis.

Merc Cor. You have a constant desire to pee with burning pains felt in the bladder and rectum; urine is dark colored, a bit greenish or red, not much of it and difficult to pass drop by drop Its excruciatingly and you feel exhausted.

Sarsarilla.  Ineffectual urging, cutting pains, can only pee while standing, usually really hurts at the very end of urination, worse from cold, cold weather, getting chilled, kidneys may be painful -  especially the right side, inflammed with cutting pains.

E Coli This homeopathic preparation, made from the bacteria itself, is a must for long term chronic cystitis sufferers. Contact me for more details.

Berberis Vulgaris One of the absolutely best kidney remedies, berberis has severe pains in the back and uterus. You may have a kidney infection and of course will see your physician. The cystitis symptoms have the normal pains on urination, but somehow feel better when you are standing up. A very good AND ALSO remedy to have whenever there is kidney involvement.


Most pantries have baking soda in them so at the first signs make yourself a Baking Soda Cocktail. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it.This will raise the pH balance of the acidic urine. In Britain and Australia you can purchase over-the-counter-medication (OTC) sachets such as Cymalon which do the same job. There are not so easily available in Canada, you must visit a physician and get a urine test there so use the baking soda cocktail drink two or three times each day.

Increase your fluid intake to at least eight glasses of fluid a day. Cranberry juice is recommended, but its best to DILUTE IT as it is quite an acidic drink. You can add a herbal remedy, Cranberry extract capsules. Establish a Cranberry routine, diluted juice and the capsules every day. 

Avoid foods that are known to irritate the bladder, such as citric fruit, tomatoes,aged cheeses, chocolate, spicy foods, alcohol, and nicotine.

Avoid coffee altogether - its a diuretic ( makes you get rid of water!)

Avoid artificial sweeteners.

Don't wear tight pants or tight knickers as the bacteria can be forced back up into the urinary tract.

And don't forget wonderful Garlic - a wonderful natural antibiotic and immune enhancer, - garlic capsules are a great idea.

Acupuncture can be very successful in controlling a chronic infection.

Meditative breathing can be helpful - go to the link and give it a try.

A soothing aromatherapy bath can help so much with the pain - put a few drops of oil of sandalwood, tea tree oil and chamomile, plus two tablespoons of honey a in a bowl and combine well. Put a couple of tablespoons of cider vinegar into the bath water and then mix in the honey mixture. Soak for at least fifteen minutes.

Check your contraception - Diaphragms can cause a kink in the urethra and spermicides can change the vaginal flora, causing an overgrowth of E Coli.


Vitamins that can help combat cystitis include the B complex group (50-100mg of each major one TWICE daily) - this helps with muscle tone in the gastro tract and liver, Vit C - (4000-5000 daily in divided doses) plus bioflavenoids and Vit E to combat the infecting bacteria.Try getting the disolvable kind of Vitamin C.

Calcium (1500mg daily) and magnesium (750-1000 mg daily) are required to reduce the bladder irritability, and Vit A (5,000 IU daily) with carotenoids (15,000 IU daily) with a multivitamin complex will balance the essential vits and mins. Extra Potassium (99mg daily) is also needed to replace the potassium lost from frequent urination. Extra Zinc (50mg daily) is also needed to repair tissue and immunity. NB: do not exceed 100mg a day of zinc from all supplemenst - so check the bottles and labels carefully!) and 3mg of copper to balance the extra zinc is recommended.

If antibiotics are required for a bladder infection then it could be caused by a Vit K deficiency.

CAUTION: Vit A - pregnant women should never take more than 5,000. Consult your physician.

JUDES RELIABLES; If I only have one remedy with me of this group it would have to be the Cantharis. I take it in the double dose approach, in water (stirred vigorusly and diluted) and under the tongue and drink horse tail tea if I have some. Second choice - Equisetum. Also brilliant for bed wetting in kids.

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