Use Homeopathy for supporting the treatment of Endometriosis

How can you use homeopathy for endometriosis? 

I have mentioned endometriosis in the menstrual cramps section but it's worth looking at it in more detail as a symptom in it's own right and as a common cause for infertility.

What is it? Basically little patches of uterine membrane cells break away and implant in various places within the pelvis, such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, bladder, bowel and appendix. These cells then undergo the same hormonal changes but because there is no outlet for the bleeding that occurs from them, the woman experiences severe pain for several days each month. The body reabsorbs the blood but this takes time and may result in scarring and inflammation or cysts may form.

The symptoms are cramps, abdominal and back pain, infertility, frequent urination, blood in the urine during menses, painful intercourse, constipation or painful bowel movements, premenstrual spotting and excessive blood flow.

Here are some of the homeopathic remedies which are very useful for this condition. Remember that you would have the usual symptoms that are common to endometriosis but..

it is the added extra info that's unique to YOU is what makes an effective homeopathic prescription. If you don't see anything that clicks with you here, then feel free to contact me for a consultation.

Sepia     This remedy has a distinct feeling of pelvic relaxation, dropping, sagging and often a dull ache. All the usual menstrual cramps, sometimes sharp pains, with a mental detachment often described as emotional indifference. i.e. you don't really feel much about anything or anyone.

Calc Carb    Your period lasts too long. You are hot and sweaty, tender and tired.Aches and pains everywhere, no energy and worried about all kinds of things, especially your own wellbeing.

Cimicifuga     Dark blood, lumpy, pains from one hip to the other, Pains in the ovarian region shoot up and down the thighs. This remedy is also known as Actea Racemosa - just to confuse things!

Pulsatilla    Your symptoms change from month to month, sometimes profuse blood, other months not very much. You feel chilly, a bit sick, have diarrhoea, back pains and feel tired a lot of the time.


Nowadays the treatment protocol seems widely accepted for endometriosis as many tests and loads of research have been conducted.

1. eat a high fiber, vegetable based diet,

2. eliminate animal fats and dairy products to reduce any toxins coming into the body.

3. avoid caffeine, salt , sugar and high fat products.

4. 50% raw veg and fruits is recommended . Yoghurt, sweet potatoes, apricots, cantaloups, carrot juice, spinach, kale , the B group vitamins sources of whole grains, peas, beans, and liver.

5. Vit C and bioflavenoids from citrus fruits, grains and seed oils for Vit E.

6. EXERCISE  Studies have shown that exercising regularly from an early age does seem to minimize the development of endometriosis, because of the reduction in oestrogen that occurs.

For adult women who develope the symptoms a regular routine of exercising for 30 minutes a day, at least three times a week will help to keep symptoms to a minimum.

7. AVOID CONSTIPATION. Its important to counter any tendency to constipation so taking a daily glass of a psyllium product such as metamucil can keep things moving well past the affected area in the abdominal cavity.

SEX In love-making, if you have pain from endometriosis you may find that the woman on top position works better because extra pressure internally and externally can cause more pain.


Supplements may also be useful. Take B, E, and Evening Primrose Oil.

Vit K and Alfalfa will assist in blood clotting and provide plenty of iron. Do not take iron supplements unless anaemia has been diagnosed.

Extra calcium daily and Magnesium at bed time. Also, beta-1, 3-D-glucan, a polysaccharide made from the cell walls of bakers yeast. It boosts the immune system and stimulates macrophage activity to destroy foreign cellular debris. It doesn't contain yeast, in spite of its origin.

Visualising can be helpful. Click on the visualisation / mediation cures link.

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JUDES RELIABLES: Not easy to choose one for this complex symptom picture, but Cimicifuga has dealt successfully with several cases in my clinic. Bleeding and spotting has stopped and previous 'infertile' women have gone on to have children. But contact me directly if you think this could be one for you, so that we can discuss your individual dosage regime.

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