Homeopathy For Fevers in Children and Adults in various symptom pictures.
Reduce the temperature using these tried and tested remedies. 

Yes, you can confidently use homeopathic remedies when there is a fever, associated with symptoms such a flu, measles, chickenpox etc. 

BUT fever symptoms in children, especially, is one of the AND ALSO situations. Never take a chance, but always be prepared with the various homeopathic remedies and naturopathic strategies. Try to stay calm and trust the amazing organism that is the human body .. whilst keeping a watchful eye on the thermometer and having orthodox medical treatments to hand.

I remember when my kids were babies and had a fever - I became anxious - as every mother would - but also confused. On the one hand I had read that the body raises the temperature as one of its natural immune system responses and that by dealing with an infection - by itself - the body becomes stronger. On the other hand I was being cautioned about convulsions and pressured to give them medicines to bring down a high temperature under any circumstances. These days I think baby experts do recognize that fever is not always a BAD thing, to be reduced immediately and with all tools at our disposal - such as antibiotics.

WHAT IS FEVER?    A fever is the result of a rise in the body's normal temperature and is a general indication that the person has some form of bacterial infection or perhaps a flu virus. However, a rise in temperature alone does not always indicate an infection. Such things as over exertion, getting hot in the sun or excessive emotions can cause a temporary rise in temperature.

If you think your child or relative has a fever, and you can ask them questions - find out as much as you can about how they feel, and make a few notes about how they look, their eyes, tongue, thirst, general demeanor and any other - seemingly unrelated - symptoms or events. Everything is important for the choice of natural remedies.

TEMPERATUR     A normal temperature is 37 degrees Centigrade, and 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously there will be slight variations of this normal temperature between one individual and another.

Afternoons are the best time to take the temperature as it is often highest then. Lowest times are the mornings.

There are many methods of taking a temperature. For example:

1. A strip thermometer which is paced against the forehead for about 30 seconds. Modern ones are pretty accurate and reliable.

2. A bulb thermometer with the bulb placed under the axilla (armpit) for about two minutes. Then add one degree to the reading.

3. A bulb thermometer with the bulb placed under the tongue or between the teeth and cheek for about two minutes

Of course, no matter what method you use you should always clean the thermometer after use!!

NOW WHAT?    Every childcare manual and physician's first aid instructions will counsel you to try to bring the temperature down. So one of your immediate tasks would be to gather a bowl of tepid (luke warm)  water, flannel and towel, a cool drink and the group of homeopathic remedies listed at the bottom of this page. They are all in your first aid tool kit and by now you may have come to realize that we use the same remedies for different sets of symptoms.

AND ALSO - whatever you might choose from the orthodox pharmacy, such as children's panadol, acetaminophen, ibruprofen etc. Different countries have different names for baby and child products. These days ( July 2018 ) I know that there are many child focused painkillers and anti fever syrups available from local phrmacies. 

Try not to give suppressants immediately though, if you want to learn to use natural remedies take a few moments to review what's happening and look through your list.

REMEMBER - millions of families in India rely almost completely on homeopathic medicines. We call our first aid remedy potential THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN of homeopathy. You just need to give it a try to find out how wonderfully reliable it can be. But never take any chances!!

Start by making a few notes about how you feel or how the person you are caring for looks and 'says' they feel.

Here is a check list:

* skin hot and dry?

* skin hot and wet?

* skin red or pale?

* sudden onset?

* any known cause? teething, out in a cold wind?

* is there a headache?

* are there any muscle aches?

* feeling cold, internally or externally?

* can you feel the pulse? is it bounding, fast?

* thirsty? for what? ice cold or tepid

* appetite gone or very hungry?

* drinking in sips or gulps?

* eyes.. starey, look hot, feel hot, tears?

* changes in times - feels worse at night, or on waking? afternoon, mid morning?


Important warning signs which require immediate action include the following:

• convulsions

• the fever persists or recurs

• loss of consciousness

• any sign of a rash

• stiffness in the neck

• breathing is difficult.

Also - if a person is over 60 and has a fever of over 100.4* F

* if the fever doesn't break within two days.

* if the person is taking any medication such as prednisone which affects the ability to fight infection.

* if the person has a chronic illness such as diabetes , heart or lung disease.


Tepid bath.  Either wet the child or person down with a flannel soaked in tepid water, or put them into a tepid bath. Not a cold bath or shower as that would be too shocking for the system.

Drink plenty of fluids.  Aim for six to eight glasses of fluids a day, include some that are rich in Vitamin C as it boosts your immune system.

No diet drinks. Make sure you have taken your normal vits and mins and any other supplements you have. You can increase your normal Vit C intake.


Aconite 30C: for the beginnings of a fever , cold or flu. If the patient is a child, they may be restless, frightened and feel chilly. Otherwise, if you can catch the symptoms when they first come on, by taking Aconite every 30 minutes through the first 4 hours, you can often boost your immunity enough to overcome the cause.

Arsenicum: for a high temperature worse after midnight. Feels better for being cooled down with cool/tepid applications on their face and body. They are anxious and restless and don't want to be left alone.

Belladonna: For high fevers where the the person is dry and hot, thirstless and even delirious. Pupils are dilated, eyes are glassy and they are hot to the touch. Remember - this person is hot but they tend not to want to drink. ( perhaps a glass of lemonade though!)

Chamomilla: This is the classic remedy for fevers that are associated with teething. One cheek will be redder , the other will be the normal colour. The child is restless, cries a lot, wants to be carried around, won't be put down, has a lot of spit - drooling. Wants to chew on things. Give the Chamomilla in a bottle of water. Put the drops into the bottle when you make it up and let the child sip on it throughout the day. Occasionally give the bottle a really vigorous shake.

Ferrum Phos: You might remember that Ferr Phos is one of my all time reliable remedies. If the Aconite has not helped and its just a general fever, then use the Ferr Phos consistently for two to three days. The person is likely to be exhausted and apathetic.

Gelsemium: This is for fevers that are accompanied by aches and pains, heavy eyelids and laziness. You think you may have flu? Achy muscles, drag yourself to work and back.

If symptoms persist you should contact your local practitioner or  you can contact me for advice at helpmenaturalhealth2017@gmail.com. 

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