Homeopathy for Memory Problems such as forgetfulness and weakness 

Do you think you have memory problems? I am 68 now and regularly use homeopathy for my memory. 

Are you forgetting things, can't recall a name, miss an appointment? We all worry about loosing our memory as we get older. You'll find some great information on this page, some practical suggestions and healing tools.

Now, if you are looking for something specific just scroll down through the headings until you find it. The homeopathic remedies for memory I am recommending will be at the bottom of the page, for easy location. But do take the time to read through the page when you can.

I have included some great remedies which I have prescribed successfully many many times. They both improve memory and concentration and also can 'undo' a locked situation and allow the body to proceed to completion of its healing process. On this page I will concentrate on three areas, memory problems generally, dementia and other symptoms that have come about as a result of a knock to the head, such as headaches.

Memory Problems usually develop gradually as we age, or they can come about as a result of all, or one, or a combination of these factors.

*underuse of the mind

*over medication or medication interactions

*not enough potassium in the body, abnormal thyroid function

*anxiety and depression

*sudden illness such as a bacterial infection

*chronic illness

*dehydration and/or poor nutrition

*an accident or brain injury

*loss of sleep. *This is a key factor as we are now discovering more and more about the importance of sleep in brain health.




As you can see, this is quite a comprehensive list and one or several of these factors could easily be affecting you. Recently, in late 2016 , I started feeling fatigued and could not study. I simply could not concentrate. Not like me at all!! :-)  Then had  a flare up of an old acute problem.  I had a blood test and was sent straight into hospital. I had developed a bacterial blood infection which needed intravenous antibiotics. I recovered quickly and have been taking serious measures to rebuild my immunity - but looking back I should have picked up the lack of concentration as particularly unusual for me and acted sooner. As we get older.. we can write off 'fatigue' as part of aging. But watch out for those uncharacteristic symptoms.

So - what kind of memory problems are you having? Here are the different kinds of memory with examples. This will be useful when we decide what steps to take to improve your memory.

Procedural memory. Remembering how to do something - drive a car, cook a meal, work on your computer.

Semanitic memory. Remembering the names of people and things.

Episodic memory. Remembering events or episodes of the past

Working memory. Remembering things, facts, inability to study and retain information

Short term memory. Remembering what we did yesterday or something we read or learned recently

Long term memory. Remembering what we did in the past or recalling things learned in the past

We also use the terms 'recall', 'recollection', 'recognition' and 'reminiscence' when talking about the different aspects of memory function.

Again - just let me remind you - that self help is an AND ALSO situation, you need to keep your physician in the loop and you can also choose to use these natural remedies and techniques to improve your own symptoms. Contact me if you are unsure whether your memory problems can be treated naturally.


The human brain is magnificent, weighs about three pounds and has over  a hundred billion nerve cells or neurons. Thirty billion of these are in the central cortex or thinking portion of the brain. Within the dense network of axons and dendrites the brain can perform more interactions that the number of particles in the known universe. That's pretty amazing eh!

Now, although sometimes we are told that our brains are like a computer.. in fact because it is living tissue it needs chemicals - and just the right amount - to allow transmission from one dendrite to the next across the synapse. So sometimes brain function problems are caused by lack of chemicals.. or even lack of water and certainly - lack of REM and NREM sleep!

Brain cells do die as we get older, and brains physically shrink within the skull. Mild forgetfulness, taking more time to process things, taking a bit more time to recall things.. these are all normal and natural results of the aging brain. But like any muscle, we can exercise it to keep it in optimum working order for its age - hence the new games, courses and supplements aimed at stimulating brain function.


1. If your memory lapses become frequent and start to interfere with everyday functioning.

2. A family member or friend tells you that your behavior or personality has changed.

3. When you have forgotten something, you don't remember even when you have been reminded.

4. You get lost or forget who you are.


Dementia is the name given to a set of symptoms that show gradual and chronic impairment of one or several of these areas: language, memory problems, visual and spatial relationships, emotions, calculation, judgment and abstract thinking. Although we usually associate dementia with old age, it can occur at any stage of adulthood. If similar symptoms are seen in younger people it is given a different name, such as 'developmental disorder'.

Most instances of verified dementia are linked to the development of a chronic disease so if you do suspect dementia then of course, you must seek the advice and support of your physician and specialists. But there are natural medicines that you can take which will optimize your health generally and some mental tasks and supplements, such as Vitamin B12, and homeopathic remedies for your specific symptoms.


Some years ago I decided to start a new degree at the same time as running a busy college, teaching and practicing. Looking back, I think I was being a bit ambitious at the time. But I planned ahead and started taking Brahmi, an Indian herb, daily for two months before the course began. I was also taking Brahmi in homeopathic potency 3x. By the time I was ready to start the course, my memory and concentration for study were so much better. I got up at 4 each morning and studied for a few hours before college. This took me two years and I continued the Brahmi throughout that time.

NB: I must tell you though, that with what I now know about sleep loss... that restricting myself to less than 6 hours sleep a night was a serious mistake and I consider just that decision to have impacted monumentally on my decisions throughout those months and beyond.

More recently I have purchased one of the little brain gym games and practice on it most days for about fifteen minutes. I have reduced my 'brain age' from an embarrassing 80 down into the 30's - after a few months of course.


Here are some other ideas for keeping your brain in trim.

* Try learning a musical instrument - have lessons

* Try learning a new language in a class with others - the social aspect adds to the benefit.

* Use your computer for more than the odd email - there are businesses that are completely online and part time.

* Do the crossword puzzle every day, this will soon start to correct memory problems.

* Do a volunteer job.

* Join a book club where you all read a book and discuss it.

* Start making a mental list instead of writing it down.

* Make sure you exercise every week.

* Keep things tidy.. chuck out the junk mail as soon as it arrives - have a basket handy near where you sort the post.

* Keep your keys on a hook, in plain view.

* Toss out magazines and newspapers every week. Recycling helps us with this one!

* Check out my meditation and breathing exercise pages - ideal for energizing and nourishing cells everywhere.

* Here is some further info and a quick choice memory boost product.


I have seen these homeopathic remedies accomplish marvellous improvements in general and specific health issues over the years, and that is equally true of these memory problem suggestions.

Brahmi. A great tonic for absent mindedness and poor memory generally, it improves brain cell function and reduces stress. You may choose to take it in its herbal form, in capsules, or in the homeopathic form, in a potency such as a 3x. If you recall in my study story, I used both forms concurrently, to great effect.

I took it for these reasons: to improve intelligence and concentration levels, to make my mind more alert, to maintain metal calmness and to improve my capacity and ability to remember the things I was learning.

Alumina Do you feel mentally confused, sad and moody? Making some mistakes in writing or speaking? Perhaps feel hurried? Alumina is used mostly for older people, with a tendency to coldness, dryness, constipation and general sluggishness. It will get things moving again, taken daily in a 6c potency.

Do some of the mental exercises and be patient - this remedy works slowly so you must keep on with it and only do the results check after a month. ( Remember some remedies work faster than others!!)

Cordyceps This is an energy and stamina booster and is used for conditions such as Chronic fatigue. Where there is mental and physical exhaustion due to over work.

Genko Biloba This herb has become very popular and widely available in recent years, as a stimulant for peripheral ciculation. It can also be helpful if you feel mentally weak and exhausted, have poor concentration and a general dullness of mind. Memory problems and an inability to solve mental tasks. Absent-minded and forgetful.

Nux Moschata Do you feel absent minded, cannot think or concentrate your mind on anything; do you feel indifferent and not interested in much; or just find yourself very forgetful - maybe don't remember familiar places, or events. Do words just dissappear while you are talking or writing.. can't remember the word you were about to say. That's a bit scary isn't it! Nux Moschata is a great remedy for all this, and especially if you find that your mood changes from happy to sad quite easily. Take it in the 6th potency, daily for up to two weeks then stop and do the results check.

Picric Acid General lack of willpower and disinclination to work.

Zinc Feeling muddled and befuddled? Brain feels tired and over stressed You don't want to talk. you can't remember much and have become very sensitive to noise and easily startled. Don't want to go to work, lethargic.... this is the kind of exhaustion that zinc can really help a lot with.

Memory problems since a head injury?

Natrum Sulph If you have headaches and/or memory problems since a knock on the head, then Natrum Sulph might be just the homeopathic remedy you need. You can't think clearly and want to be left alone as much as possible.

Can't bear dampness.. couldn't live comfortably near any water? Generally better in warm dry atmosphere? Your headaches and dizzyness came on after you had a fall or head injury? Contact me if you think this remedy fits your symptoms and I will choose the correct potency for you.

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