Homeopathy For Men's Health Issues including Mental Wellbeing

In this section you will find some great tips for using homeopathic remedies for fixing some of those niggly 'mens health' problems that guys don't usually mention. Loads of info and easy to use suggestions.

Let's start with BRAIN POWER. We all run out of steam now and again. Look through these quick remedy snapshots and find the one that fits you best.

AMMON CARB: Forgetful, making mistakes at work, don't want to go to work, vacant feeling, soon feel tired after any activity, lethargic, aversion to women, can't be bothered to keep clean and tidy.

NAT CARB: Worried, anxious and oversensitive. Hate hot weather. Irritable after a meal. Feel good moving around .. maybe running? Feel heavy and slow in the morning. Feel a bit Puffy? Don't want company.

PHOS AC: Feel listless, forgetful, can't collect your thoughts, can't understand stuff easily. Don't want anything or care about anybody. Teenagers grow very fast and then seem tired out. Never the same after a big shock or trauma, lost interest in life. Too much masturbation?

KALI BROM: Depressed and fearful.. everyone's out to get me! Nightmares. Tearful. Restless and fidgety. Don't want company but don't like to be alone.

AS YOU CAN SEE - THESE ARE SOME POWERFUL NATURAL MEDICINES FOR SOME CHALLENGING MENTAL STATES, including 'ptsd'. Keep reading.. as there is more helpful 'mens health' info later on this page.

But, if you can't find one here that fits closely enough, you can always contact me for a short 'what's my type?' consult.

Here are some links to a few general mens health improvement products you might want to check out:


If you are searching for something particular, eg. acne, impotence, prostate, then click on the link for that topic. You'll find 'acne' will be under skin, 'impotence' under sexual and prostate in the links on the seniors pages.

Each stage of life we go through has it's particular problems. In my 30 years in practice I found that many of the 'mens health' cases asking for help with issues like 'teenage behavior', 'depression', 'anger', 'post traumatic stress disorder' and 'sexual' problems. Also, weight gain, poor energy levels, recurrent sinusitis, hay fever and allergies, and later on rheumatism and arthritis. You will find help in this site on all of those topics.... and if you don't.. drop me a line.


Over and over in 'youronlinehomeopath.com' you'll hear me talk about your mental and emotional state because the mind really does rule.  It also plays a key part in remedy choice and my approach to supporting your health.

Look at the four general 'mens health' remedy pictures listed below and see which one you relate closest to. Make a note of it, because it will become one of your very best friends in the years to come.

DON'T FORGET - NO JUDGMENTS ARE BEING MADE HERE.. so just look through and see if you find any of yourself.

LYCOPODIUM: Working in a responsible job with loads of stress. You get anxious, apprehensive that you won't be able to cope. If you get irritable - its always AT HOME! , with your partner and family. Sometimes confused and poor concentration. You hate to be contradicted. Memory getting a bit weak? You eat in a hurry and have loads of WIND!

NUX VOMICA: A workaholic, always at the office or on the job. Ambitious and competitive - even ruthless? Living life in the fast lane, you use caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, or medication to keep yourself going. Have awful hangovers. Often feel chilly. Love spicy foods. High high sex drive. Indigestion? Yes.. pass me the antacids!

KALI BICH: Its either black or its white! there's no gray. Working in a job where strong moral or legal issues abound, you feel very strongly about your opinion.But sometimes - you feel you are getting dull and indifferent.. tired out! You can get depressed from the least little annoyance. And if only that catarrh would go away!

FLOUR AC: Feeling indifferent to your loved ones.. just numb.. don't want to talk. Its OK to talk to strangers though. Feeling sexually aroused a lot of the time.. look at women on the street? Keep forgetting things? Money money money.. that's whats important in life! And you know best!

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