Homeopathic Remedies for Managing Morning Sickness

Can Homeopathic remedies reduce the symptoms of morning sickness? Many homeopaths around the world will give a resounding 'Yes' in answer to this question. 

Morning Sickness.. of course.. doesn't necessarily happen in the morning. It can happen at any time, and in many unfortunate women - morning sickness lasts all day for many more months than the three months we usually hear about.

Approximately 50% of pregnant women experience this condition to some degree, usually between the sixth and twelfth week of pregnancy.

Characterized by nausea and or vomiting, for some women it may be nothing more than a passing nuisance, perhaps first thing in the morning; for others it may be several months of daily vomiting and misery.

The nausea / vomiting is often accompanied by olfactory changes - most commonly an increased sensitivity to certain smells, but there may be an unusual smell in the nose itself - causing other foods to smell funny.

Many women with morning sickness can't bear to handle food, particularly meat, let alone open the fridge door. Food cravings are normal- the request for a pizza with tuna and banana springs to mind. Food aversions are just as normal.


The most useful and reliable remedies for the successful treatment of morning sickness are Ipecac, Nux Vom, Puls and Sepia but I have included several more here. This is such an unpleasant condition that it really is worth trying remedies until you find the right one. Maybe your partner can be involved in this as well.

Remember that I always put a few little general indications in for you. This way you become more observant about yourself and it makes remedy choice quicker.

Antimonium Tart: You will feel like vomiting soon after eating a meal - usually its undigested food and you feel really tired, like lying down on the sofa most of the time.Look at the vomit. Is there a thick and stringy mucus mixed with bile? If yes, then this remedy will work wonders.

Argentum Nit: You dread being sick, feel anxious about it all the time. You are farting a lot and want to eat lost of sweet foods.The sickness is made a little better from cold drinks and being in a cold atmosphere. Being in a warm room makes you feel unwell.

Ipecac: You just feel sick a lot of the time. Your mouth gets filled with saliva that you have to swallow. Look at your tongue. Is it clean? Ipecac has a clean tongue. You don't feel very thirsty and sometimes can feel a bit faint.

Petroleum: You feel generally sick but still you never loose your appetite. Mouth has lots of spit, some heartburn. You feel hungry in the middle of the night.

Pulsatilla: Emotionally you feel tearful and frail. The nausea and sickness comes and goes with no clear pattern. But you can't bear fatty foods and your tongue has a thick yellow/white coating on it. You would like to drink cold lemonade. Feeling a bit worse afternoons and evenings.

Nux Vomica;There is a hung-over kind of feeling to the nux state, a heavy head, a bit fuzzy. You may vomit or retch after breakfast, being generally worse in the morning. Your mouth has a bitter acid taste. You have become a bit constipated and generally irritable, snappy.

Anarcardium: This is similar to nux vomica but not so much in the morning and the nausea is relieved by eating.

Natrum Phos: A creamy yellow coating at the back of your tongue. Sour vomiting and burping, slightly greenish diarrhoea. Feeling achey in joints.

Carbolic Acid: Your sense of smell has become very strong. You long for stimulants, tobacco or alcohol but can't have any. Lots of farting, constipation and your breath has become smelly. - or you think it has.

Sepia: One of the most reliable remedies for morning sickness.All of the usual suspects.. but the nausea and sickness etc are accompanied by a dragging sensation around the lower abdomen. You are feeling tired and disconnected, no emotions, overwhelmed by the situation.

Sulphur: This remedy has burning acidic vomit which smells awful. You feel worse on waking in the morning, and may have an itchy skin rash and feel very hot.

Tabacum: This is a case of extreme nausea, which is made worse by the least motion, You mouth feels full of saliva all the time, you look pale and feel weak and have a sinking feeling at the pit of your stomach. Generally you don't want to be covered up and there may be some itching on the skin - this could be anywhere on the whole body during pregnancy.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Around 1 in 300 women suffer from a severe on-going nausea and vomiting called hyperemesis gravidarum which may necessitate a stay in hospital for bed rest, rehydration and nutrient replacement. This condition is linked to the very high levels of oestrogen and chorionic gonadtropin which is released by the placenta increasingly until the end of the first trimester.

Some specialists feel that this condition is a symptom of a deeper psychological reaction to stress and that the chance to get away from the causation is all that is required. IF you do have this diagnosed and have medical intervention for it, remember that these remedies are very good for 'AND ALSO'.. so never just rely on orthodox medicine when you can add a more individual remedy to help YOUR health improve on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Whatever the cause, it is a very harrowing condition and practical treatment should be offered. There is a homeopathic remedy specific for the condition, Symthoricarpus Racemosa. Violent vomiting with nausea and retching, better from lying on the back and worse for movement.


The Acupressure point that is helpful for travel sickness - about two fingers ( or one and a half inches) width above the wrist and in the middle of the ligaments- is also very helpful for morning sickness.

If you have the bands, sometimes known as Sea Bands - put them on when you wake and keep them on for ten minutes, repeating four times a day. If you don't have the sea bands.. use a small kidney bean attached with an adhesive bandage and wear it through the night.

Specialists recommend all kinds of food and drink choices which have clearly been found helpful by many women. However, all agree that eating smaller meals more often is generally a good idea.These are:

  1. pineapple juice, sipped on waking
  2. crackers or dry toast first thing in the morning
  3. ginger candy eaten first thing in the morning
  4. watermelon chunks - if you can't keep juice or water down
  5. chew on Anise: chewing on a few anise seeds can calm nausea
  6. eliminating sugar, fats and rich foods can also help
  7. nutritionalists have suggestions regarding trying high protein meals, more fruit and veg, less carbs
  8. INHALING:Aromatherapists can suggest sniffing or inhaling the smell of fresh ginger and peppermint to help with morning sickness.
  9. TEAS:ginger root, peppermint, spearmint, raspberry leaf, chamomille, fennel and lemon and honey mix

With the teas, make an infusion using fresh or dried leaves and allow to steep for at least four hours. Keep in the fridge and heat up a cup full when you want to have it. Try on waking and after a meal.

SUPPLEMENTS:Check with your physician first but these are the common suggestions for morning sickness.

The nausea can respond well to an increase in the B vitamin group, as well as C and K . For nausea - 25mg with each meal, increasing to 250mg or more daily for vomiting.

L-Methionine, an essential amino acid and powerful antioxidant, has been found to be useful in preventing nausea - take 1000mg daily

400 mg of Vit B6 on rising and 50 mg Vit B6 every four hours can be recommended though this should not continue for longer than six weeks.


Emotional causation and contributing factors to morning sickness should not be ruled out. If a woman has previously lost a baby or experienced some grief recently then in a homeopathic 'case taking;' this would be an important factor in choosing the correct remedy for her.

AND FINALLY.  I sincerely hope you will try a combination of these suggestions and remedies until you minimize your symptoms. If you had bad morning sickness in a previous pregnancy, then get yourself prepared this time. Use the bands, the tea, the supplements and choose a couple of remedies that sound close to your previous symptoms. This way - those morning sickness blues should be just an echo and the pregnancy become enjoyable again.

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