Homeopathy For Pregnancy
and Labour

 If you are pregnant  it would be a great idea to read through this section, especially with your partner. They will need to understand and - most probably when you are 'in labour' - administer a remedy or two, so you might as well both get up to speed right from the start. If you have a local homeopathic practitioner you will get all of this advice from them but if you don't, I hope these notes will be of use to you.


The absolute ideal is to give a constitutional remedy before your pregnancy begins - and if you are planning a family you could get in contact with me and give me your whole case. We'd talk on Skype and I would choose a remedy for you, to get your whole system in top tip condition before conception. Also - if you have any unresolved emotional issues, such as anger or grief.. then if you could possibly resolve and let go of these feelings before having a baby - wouldn't you choose to do that. Well, homeopathy can help you with those issues too, but you'd need a consult with me.

But I do realize that life isn't often quite that organized!


OK - so you find that you are having a baby - what now? First things first - get your tissue salt kit ready and start taking it in the second month.


This tissues salts regime has been used by women in Britain and around the world, as they provide support for different aspects of the babies growth during the nine months. It was devised by the British Homeopath Thomas Maughan. The routine is quite straight forward, focusing on different months for the combinations of salts. Buy them and then put the three tubs for that month beside the bed or where you have your breakfast. Then pop them into your mouth on waking, at lunch and before sleep. They dissolve instantly and have a pleasant taste and will not harm the baby or threaten the pregnancy in any way.

This is the list to purchase: 5 in total.

Calc Flour, Mag Phos, Ferr Phos, Nat Mur, Silica


2nd and 6th month: take one pill three times daily

Calc Flour - this helps bone development Mag Phos - addresses in heartburn for the Mum and nerve development in the baby Ferrum Phos - oxygenates mother and baby’s blood

3rd and 7th month: take one pill three times daily

Calc Flour - bone development.

Mag Phos - heartburn and nerves

Nat Mur - this helps with fluids and salt balance, swollen ankles, oedema

4th and 5th month: take one pill three times daily

Calc Flour - bone development

Nat Mur - fluids and salt balance

Silica - take this for the teeth , bones and hair of mother and baby.

8th and 9th month: take one pill three times daily

Calc Flour - bone development

Ferrum Phos - oxygenating baby and Mums blood

Silica - teeth, bones and hair


How are you feeling? Happy? Sad? If you feel sick, go to my link on morning sickness.If you are anxious about miscarrying, please go to that link.

But basically, this early time in pregnancy is a time to rest and enjoy as the spark of new life becomes established in the womb and all of the amazing DNA processes of conjoining two strands together to form a new life begins. I have put a lovely 'new life ' ritual in the rituals section. Have quick look when you have time.

If you have any tenderness around the breasts then Calc Carb 30 is often the remedy you need.

If your ankles become a bit swollen, use a few doses of Apis.


If you feel very tired then sleep and rest. The colossal process of making life draws upon your own deposit and current accounts of energy - let me explain.

Your current account is the energy you make each day from the food that you eat and drink, your supplements and periods of relaxation and laughter, cuddles and smiles throughout the day. You make energy - whether it is aerobic or anaerobic.. and then you spend it moving around, thinking.. doing things basically.

Your deposit account is made up of an energy and strength you have inherited through your family gene pool, plus energy stored at times of happiness and bliss, moments of total understanding about life, happy memories of events which are markers through your life. Basically, the really good, wonderful times we have in life - usually in moments - store away energy for us to use when things get difficult. This energy does get drawn upon in pregnancy - of course it does. A new life - of the stuff of stars - is being created, a new consciousness - a new 'package' ( as one of the monks of SRF calls it ) for a soul to enter.

This is not .. nothing! So rest when you feel tired. You are being very busy inside!


This is the 'golden' time when energy returns a bit, you are feeling settled and the morning sickness and danger of miscarriage have usually passed by. People treat you differently.. your tummy starts to grow and the tiny speck of life within you takes on a recognizable form. Some of the problems that can occur are heartburn and piles. For either problem you go go to a link for some suggestions, then come back here!!


Now you are getting big.. and sometimes have sharp pains when you turn over at night - these are caused by the stretching of the ligaments that hold and support the growing womb inside the pelvic cavity. If you have been taking your Tissue Salt regime regularly, these shouldn't be too bad. You need the one that helps with stretching and connective tissue - Calc Flour.

Once the baby is born you will be extremely busy, so take whatever time you can now to rest and enjoy peace and quiet and quality time with your partner.

If you have piles or varicose veins - go and have a quick look at that link.These are some of the remedies that can really help: Hammaelis, Lachesis, Lycopodium and Pulsatilla

Is your back aching? Both Sepia and Kali Carb will help. Look in the glossary at the details for each remedy and see which fits best.


Raspberry Leaf Tea

Taking a Raspberry leaf tea or tablet in the last six weeks of pregnancy can help tone up the uterus in preparation for labour. There has been a lot of research that shows some indications that it helps to shorten the second stage of labour. However, it may also make the Braxton Hicks contractions stronger.. so start with one table or one cup of the teat each day, or every other day. Adjust the dosage if you feel the BH's are very strong.


For Anaemia problems check out that page. You can also use one of the herbal tonics, such as Floradix or Biostrathe, during this time.. but again, err on the side of caution with dosage until you feel comfortable.


Breathing - of course! You will have learned several techniques in your labour classes.. just don't forget to use them. Breathe as deeply as you can between pains.. save the shallow breathes for when the contraction is at the highest point. Remember that the baby needs your oxygen too!

Eating and Drinking! When you feel the first signs of labour.. make sure you have something to eat. A good meal and plenty to drink is very important as you have a WHOLE TON OF WORK ahead of you! When you are in labour the staff will discourage you from drinking but you can sip water or diluted juice.

Empty your bladder once an hour should do it. Keep on the move, standing up for as long as you can, as this has been shown to reduce labour time by up to a third. If you have to settle on a bed, shift positions, try on your knees , bum up! This can relieve some of the pain of contractions.

Keep warm blankets and/or warm compresses can feel wonderful.

Groan as much as you like. When you drop or relax your jaw, it has a corresponding effect of relaxing the cervix and birth canal.. so Moo away!

Back massage? Yes please!


The day has arrived and the signs are there that your body clock has clicked into 'expel' mode. All very exciting. Make sure you have your remedy kit ready.

Here are two reliable remedies that help with keeping those contractions under control.

Caulophyllum: The contractions start and stop, the cervix dilates a little and then stops. You feel exhausted and dispirited, trembly and tearful. Caulophyllum can get those contractions going again. Put several pillules of 30c into a water bottle. Shake it vigorously and have tiny sips every few minutes, holding the water in your mouth. Shake the bottle between doses.

Cimicifuga: Violent labour pains, going from one side to the other. You feel anxious, worried, a bit irrational. OR if the cervix hasn't dilated and you have these feelings, look a bit dazed.

INDUCTION - A Possible Alternative

If the doctors are threatening induction and nothing else works,  to bring labor on try Oxytocin 30c.

FOETAL DISTRESS If you are told that the baby is distressed, of course the doctors will take the appropriate action, but what you can do is take Arnica.. it will help with the shock and any bruising that occurs during procedures and following birth


Often in transition - women get either irritable and angry, take some Chamomilla

  • If you feel weepy take Pulsatilla
  • If you feel exhausted take Kali Phos
  • If you feel trembly and achy take Gelsemium


Aconite : a very long labor with severe pain. You feel anxious and fearful.

Kali Carb: Labour pains are in the back, extending down the legs and into the buttocks.

Staphisagria : Feeling angry and invaded? Also helps heal scars like episiotomy.

Bellis Perennis: When there is a feeling of internal bruising.

Sepia : Lower lumbar back ache that is feels better from the application of pressure.

For post pregnancy,  Postnatal Depression, breastfeeding etc, see the other links. 

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