Homeopathy For Hair Skin and Nails During pregnancy

This page mostly deals with homeopathy for hair, skin and nails as they are effected in pregnancy, but if you have problems in this area - and you are NOT pregnant - can I suggest that the TISSUE SALTS I discuss are a must for every household.

As part of my 'your online homeopath' approach to pregnancy through to post-pregnancy information, on this page I want to take a quick look at homeopathy for hair, skin and nails; how they are affected during pregnancy, so that you aren't unduly worried by what are natural body adjustments. Then a couple of helpful naturopathic tips and remedies if you think that your body is over reacting in some way.

Homeostasis - my favourite word for the new millenium! Its the way your body keeps everything carefully in balance... with a little help from our homeopathic remedy store house.

HAIR: Pregnancy can dramatically change hair and nails, because keratin levels are affected. For some, hair becomes shiny and luxuriant; others get greasy oily, hard to handle hair - so it's best not to perm or colour your hair at this time. Hair also tends to progressively thicken during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. More than 90% of hair is stimulated into a growing phase, as opposed to 90% usually being in a resting phase and only 10% actively growing at any one time.

Towards the end of the nine months most women experience more oily hair due to an increase in progesterone, which in turn stimulates the sebacious glands. Adjust your shampoo and have a look at the natural tips down below for some lovely rinses.

Hair loss is inhibited during pregnancy, but then after giving birth the body reverts to its normal hair loss and it seems that a lot comes away in those first weeks. It's just the body's natural adjustment.


SKIN: During pregnancy the skin is exposed to high levels of progesterone and other hormones. Some women find their skin glowing and healthy and others find spots and blemishes abound, with roughness, flakeyness and itching. The most common of these difficult skin changes is chloasma - also know as 'the mask of pregnancy, which appears as a slight darkening across the the nose and cheeks, and sometimes as a moustache across the top lip. This can also be a change that takes place while a woman is on the contraceptive pill.

If you have experienced this skin change, you will very likely find that the homeopathic remedy  SEPIA will be helpful. Purchased in the 6th potency and taken once daily, it can dramatically improve these skin changes. Don't continue for more than four weeks though.

With most of these skin changes, including the colour change, you will find that they do disappear of their own accord after birth, but there may be a couple which don't. For example, broken capillaries on the cheeks Taking ARNICA at the first sign of these will help them to mend quickly.

Spotty skin and acne can be very distressing when you are otherwise feeling great. Help is at hand though, without any harmful chemicals. First, cut out any cakes or chocolate, increase water intake, eat more fruit and veg and use a few drops of hypericum and calendula tincture in water to cleanse the affected area.

The remedies calcarea Sulph and silica both help if this problem really does become a problem! Go to my Glossary and read them through.


STRETCH MARKS: These silvery lines occur during pregnancy and if we are over weight. To avoid them you can start in the 6th - 12th week, when you are just beginning to show, to apply Vitamin C oil to your belly, hips and thighs every day after you shower or before bed. Rosehip oil is also a good alternative and has a remarkable ability with old scars so if you have some stretch marks from a previous pregnancy - why not give Rosehip Oil a try. Both can be bought over the counter at any good pharmacy.

Exercise improves the quality and tone of your skin so be sure to include some leg swings and lifts gently into your daily exercise routine.

For varicose veins go to the Pregnancy - Varicose Veins page for exercises and natural remedies which are a big help!


NAILS: Those jolly old hormones can affect the nails as well, making them brittle, splitting and easily breaking. Vitamins E and B are the essentials for healthy nails and you find these most in fish, wheatgerm, yeast and liver for example. Why not give your nails the star treatment during these months! Put moisturiser such as petroleum jelly (or Vaseline) massaged in and around the nail bed twice a day.

Or go another step and after putting on the Vaseline more thickly at night Wear cotton gloves to bed.

If you don't like that idea.. how about soaking your hands for 10 minutes in Olive Oil.

Let the nails be natural at this time, don't use polish or remover as often as you did.

TISSUE SALTS!!    Tissue Salts are my absolute favorite natural health approach to hair, nail and skin problems. In the Scheussler rage - ask your pharmacist for Combination K - Hair, Skin and Nails. Its magic, and will fix many of the problems I have discussed on this page. Remember to keep taking it daily.

Or look through the Tissue Salts page for more individual choices.

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