Homeopathy For Common Cold Symptoms.
Sore Throat, Runny Nose, Coughing and Sneezing.

These days we often choose to SUPPRESS our common cold symptoms, with over-the-counter drugs from the pharmacy.

BAD IDEA! The CONSEQUENCE can be chronic illness later on.

Sure, you have to do it now and again but it's much better for you to RELAX. Your body is telling you something so LISTEN..

If you don't believe me, check out this article by Dr Kim.

A cold starts with a scratchy feeling in the throat, the nose runs, you start to sneeze, your head aches, you feel tired, a little cough? glands swollen? then the discharge from the nose gets thicker..? UURRGGHH

But what do you do first? Rush to the packet of cold and flu medicine from the pharmacy?

Hmm.. NOT SO FAST! I won't bore you with a whole load of philosophy about health ( well I might later on, when we get to know each other! - or you could flip over to philosophy of health link when you have a spare half an hour!)

But for now.. believe me when I tell you that:-

1. you need to have at least one common cold a year

2. suppressing cold viruses over and over again makes you susceptible to chronic illness later on

3. you can strengthen your bodies immune response quite easily

4. when you do have a head cold you can keep the symptoms within reasonable bounds and then you must allow time to CONVALESCE afterwards.

OK.. so a common cold starts! WHAT CAN YOU DO TO REDUCE YOUR SUFFERING?

Homeopathy For The Common Cold

If you get regular common colds I need you to buy three remedies. ACONITE 30C. FERR PHOS 30C AND HEPAR SULPH 30C,

Also have a good supply of Vitamin C to hand.

FIRST - absolutely FIRST sign of that scratchy throat.. You know.. when you have that thought.. "oh darn it! I've caught a cold".. NOW reach into your bag or briefcase and grab the ACONITE 30.

This great homeopathic remedy can stop the common cold virus dead in its tracks.. IF you catch it fast enough! Pop a tablet under your tongue and let it sit there until it dissolves. When you notice that it has gone, do it again. Three or four doses.. then stop.. and wait. That night, put on some warm socks, have 1000 - 2000mg of vitamin C and a hot (milk) drink before sleep.(also see in the food section for some onion based drinks)

If you have Echinatea in the house, only take it on the first day of the cold symptoms.

Feel a bit better but not completely?.. continue with the ACONITE and Vit C throughout day 2. Move on to FERR PHOS by lunchtime if the symptoms are getting worse.

FERRUM PHOS Feeling hot or chilly, pale or flushed? A short dry cough is common at this stage. Have a dose of Ferr Phos under the tongue, keep it there, repeat for four doses then stop. Wait a while. Continue with the high doses on Vit C. Nothing else..anything else at this stage will cloud the picture.

Ferrum Phos will strengthen your immune response to the cold virus.. and the symptoms often do disappear after a day or two. The battle has been won. If you can have a day of complete rest.. then YOU REALLY SHOULD. I am a huge believer in rest and recuperation, having seen the damage that can be done when people don't allow this extra time after illness.

If the cold has 'gone to the chest' or developed into sinusitis or Flu..then you need to move on to another remedy.

Move onto the HEPAR SULPH. This fabulous anti-inflammatory is just great at winning the battle of the sore throat, chilliness, sharp painful cough, stuffed up nose and general irritable unwell feeling. Again, one tablet under the tongue, when it has dissolved, replace it, do this four times and wait a couple of hours for the effect to develop.

GINGER TEA is very soothing at this stage. Its anti viral and anti inflammatory and helps to prevent the build up of phlegm. Peel and thinly slice a two inch piece of fresh ginger. Put it in a saucepan with around 12 oz of water (around one and a half cups). Bring to the boil and simmer for 7 minutes. Strain, add honey and the juice of half a lemon. Sip slowly.

THYME SINUS STEAM BATH. Thyme is a good decongestant and antiseptic. Pour a quart of boiling water into a bowl. Add a heaped tsp of dried thyme, or tear up 6 fresh leaves. Put a towel over your head and breath in the thyme steam for several minutes. Blow your nose. Repeat again three or four times at half hourly intervals.



Have a look at this list below and select the remedy that fits your common cold symptoms most closely.

ALLIUM CEPA 30: Very runny nose and eyes.The nose feels sore.Headache in a stuffy room, but feels better in the open air.

BELLADONNA 30: Short dry cough hurts. You feel feverish and tired and just want to be left alone. Your eyes feel hot. You feel a bit better from eating warm food and drinks, but not very thirsty.

KALI MUR 6: Lots of cattarh, hoarseness cough or bronchitis developing, ears feel bunged up.

GELSEMIUM 30: An extraordinary medicine for more developed cold symptoms. Achy muscles, feverish, not very thirsty and you want to lie still.. with all the other cold symptoms.

NAT MUR 30: Lots of violent sneezing, loss of taste and smell, the nose just keeps running and feels sore inside. Split lip, cold sore. You feel miserable.

You'll rarely need any other remedies for the treatment of common cold symptoms. If it has developed further, go to the Influenza page, OR look on the Coughs page for chronic bronchitis remedies.


JUDES RELIABLES; If I only had one remedy to use for a cold, it would have to be the Ferr Phos.. it has always been so dependable to reduce symptoms, and I know that the Iron and Phoshorus are both so useful in the immunity armies.

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